The Retail Preparedness Guide

Positioning Retailers for Success in the Face of Uncertainty and Change

The future is clouded with great uncertainty, but with the right approach, retailers can generate a plan that positions them for flexibility and agility even as COVID-19 unfolds—and possibly accelerates—in the weeks and months ahead.

As you know, retailers are dealing with myriad challenges, including store closings, quickly shifting customer habits, and disrupted supply chains. And to make matters worse, brands that focus only on their own internal goals, and ignore the needs of customers, will see long-term repercussions that will extend to Q4 and beyond.

In this prescriptive Retail Preparedness Guide, you’ll discover eight tactics that, when considered carefully, will have the biggest impact on business, and that will doubly serve as long-term strategies. By adopting them, you can transform into an efficient and agile business that’s adequately prepared for whatever an unpredictable world throws at you.

In this 11-page guide, you’ll discover:

  • A series of best practices across fulfillment, including delivery methods that emphasize a low amount of touchpoints
  • The best practices across ecommerce, including the creation of time-sensitive pricing and promo messaging
  • A number of best practices across marketing, including scenario planning for shifting customer behaviors and expectations

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