eCommerce Site Search Engine

Use Cases

eCommerce Site Search Engine

Native eCommerce Site Search is a Win-Win for Customers and Businesses


Increase in site search revenue YoY due to boosting specific products in search results.



Increase in revenue in 3 years, leveraging customizable search configuration.

 Ace Hardware



Increase in average items per order via search merchandising.

City Furniture


Native Site Search

Control and Curate Search Experiences

Unleash seamless filtering, relevant results, and enhanced merchandising.

Kibo’s eCommerce site search solution enables streamlined data management, dynamic merchandising, and lightning-fast intelligent search results.

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Combine Inventory Data & Search

  • Easy filtering and search of inventory by type and fulfillment
  • Improved inventory turnover with searchandize capabilities
Kibo Icon Inventory

Enable Complex Product Searches

  • SKU, model numbers, related products, and more
  • Relevant content in results like how-to videos

Lightning-Fast Intelligent Results

  • Accurate, real-time results using neural text classification, named entity recognition, and semantic search

Manage Search Campaigns

  • Scheduled promotions
  • Product boost/bury based on product ratings or profit margin
Kibo Icon Growth

Gain Actionable Insights

  • Pre-built and customizable reporting
  • Better supply chain decisions based on search data like customer demand
Fine Tuning

Fine-Tuned & Intuitive Search Experience

  • Type-ahead suggestions and synonyms and index weightings for product fields
search merchandizing software screenshot

Search Merchandizing

Curate Site Search Results to Drive Sales

Use our eCommerce site search tools to take ownership over the promotion of products and organize search results to drive business goals and product KPIs

With Kibo Searchandizing, Merchandizers Can: 

  • Fine-tune product, category or campaign results in search experiences
  • Bury campaigns not relevant to shopper’s location or boost specific products with the highest profit margin
  • Pin category searches to highlight new items or persuade visitors of its perceived popularity
  • Adjust index weightings for product descriptions, names and categories to customize relevancy tuning
  • Merchandise category pages and redirect searches to those pages, such as category page for “Top 10” term

Inventory Site Search

Inventory Needs a Central Role in Search

Infusing inventory data to search results ensures accurate product availability.

  • Seamless Shopping Experience: Ensure that shoppers only see products that are in-stock.
  • Increased Product Discovery: Customers can easily discover relevant products.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Minimize over- and under-selling issues for smoother order fulfillment.

Site Search for Retail

Home Hardware Drives Store Traffic with Site Search

With Kibo’s native eCommerce site search engine, Home Hardware:

  • Enables filtering by the customer’s nearest or chosen store location
  • Uses real-time in-store inventory in search results to show how many items are in stock
  • Integrates fulfillment data in the search results to enable search by “in-store pick-up”
  • Suggests terms in search like “items available in-stock at your location”
Home Hardware's search stores nearby and see quantity available functionality


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