Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

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Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

Kibo clients outperform industry average conversion rates by an extraordinary 57%. Explore how Kibo has helped industry leaders reach new heights, and gain ideas of how you too can create better customer experiences.

“I was looking for a scalable solution to move us forward”

“I was looking for a scalable solution that my team can use to quickly deploy applications. What I’m looking for in a technology is something that’s scalable, something that is not monolithic, something where I can find people to come onto the platform and work. Kibo did a great job providing the API layer for the solution for us to move forward.”

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware

What Happens When Rich Functionality Meets Future-Proof Flexibility


Increase Digital Revenue Growth In One Year



Reduction in Technical Debt over Three Years



Increase in Online Sales In One Year

Sporting Goods Brand Case Study

Sporting Goods Brand

Does this success story sound similar to your current challenges? Download the full case study for more details on how Kibo helped Sporting Goods Brand and what the company achieved as a result. Download Now

CITY Furniture

CITY Furniture

CITY Furniture overcomes digital transformation challenges with Kibo’s composable platform.



Bi-Mart implemented BOPIS, reaping significant benefits in the process.

Home Hardware Logo

Home Hardware

Home Hardware gives shoppers transparent and convenient customer experiences.

Coastal Construction Logo

Coastal Construction

Partnering with Kibo and Ignitiv, Coastal Construction built a B2B buying journey that mimics B2C experiences.

Ace Logo White Background

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware built an award-winning omnichannel experience through its partnership with Kibo.

Sun & Ski Sports

Sun & Ski Sports

Dynamic sporting goods retailer sees consistent, double-digit growth with Kibo B2C eCommerce

Laura Logo

Laura Canada

With Kibo, Laura Canada was able to increase sales and deliver a seamless end-to-end experience to customers.



The family-owned department store sees significant revenue growth with a buy-online, pick-up in-store.

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly graduates to Kibo’s cloud commerce platform and experiences unprecedented growth.

“The thing that ultimately made Kibo stand out was just that it did everything well.”

“Kibo has the ability to define data really well in the back end, which many of the SaaS competitors are not as good at. And so we have some specific use cases where we need to tie pretty complex product data to say, the image gallery, or to other pieces of the user experience. And the ability to customize that schema to be able to do so was a real advantage for Kibo.”

Andy Wolf
CTO, Fortis Life Sciences

Add New Sales Channels With Embedded Commerce

The fastest growing ERP and eCommerce solution for independent ski resorts and schools uses Kibo’s unified cart & checkout module alongside its existing tech stack — allowing skiers to purchase lift tickets, instruction, rental gear (and more) in one seamless package that can be easily managed by ski resorts themselves.

Explore Kibo Modules

Drive Product-First Commerce Strategies

By embedding cart and checkout into your existing websites or blogs, allowing customers to shop and pay for items without leaving the page.

  • Convert engaged customers with shoppable content
  • Streamline scheduling and paying for services on the same page.

Embedded Commerce With Kibo Cart & Checkout Ensures

Shoppers receive robust cart experiences like persistent shopping carts, custom cart items, and the ability to save a cart for later checkout.

  • Payment data security with PCI Level 1 DDS
  • A fit into your overall tech ecosystem with the ability to add Kibo or 3rd party functionality at any time.

Boscov’s Achieves Unified Commerce with Kibo

“Our system prior to this had been homegrown, great, worked for where we were, but it wasn’t necessarily growing where we wanted to go. So Kibo was the right solution to help unify things to really up our game digitally.”

Elizabeth Ragone
VP of E-Commerce, Boscov’s

Franchises Bring The Store Experience Online

Known as “The Helpful Hardware Place,” ACE Hardware is one of the largest retail franchises in the world.  Ace has over 5,000 stores globally with the majority of those stores independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

Ace stores come in all sizes and shapes based on the needs of each individual neighborhood.  Each store sets it’s own pricing and has localized promotional strategies. Ace delivers all of that information online, in milliseconds.

Read the Full Success Story

1.2B Unique Product Prices Delivered to Customers in Miliseconds

In an effort to bring the localized store experience online, Ace Hardware delivers real-time store-level pricing, promotions and inventory availability based upon the customer’s geo location.

Kibo API extensions deliver Ace’s store-level information in miliseconds in search results, and on category and product pages across 5000+ locations and 1.2B unique product pricing records without risk to load on the system.

With Kibo Franchises Can:

  • Enable Franchisee Owners to control the store-specific prices displayed online when a shopper uses geolocation
  • Use hierarchical price lists to meet the checks and balances requested by corporate such as corporate promotions
  • Give stores access to the catalog, pricing, and promotions user interface regardless of franchise agreement technical specifications

A B2B Experience That Rivals B2CCoastal Logo

Coastal Construction, a large independent distributor of speciality building materials in the U.S., satisfies customers across 12 segments with thousands of complex products across branch and warehouse locations throughout the East Coast. 

For over 25 years, Coastal Construction has built their  reputation on customer-centricity. When their Magento platform was EOL, Coastal sought a new B2B solution with capabilities that mimic B2C and could be easily managed by business users with minimal IT involvement. 

Kibo’s B2B Order Management and eCommerce, provided a scalable platform to handle massive amounts of data, scan millions of price lists, and cross-reference inventory to surface the cost and optimal delivery options of a product in seconds. 

Explore Kibo for B2B


Rich Customer Experiences

  • Customers can create and self-manage accounts, orders and saved carts; sales reps can takeover carts and search and allocate inventory to complete orders
  • In-stock inventory is presented on the storefront for same-day pick-up of items across branch locations and warehouses

Efficient Operations

  • Orders are routed to a customer’s preferred hub first with fall-back rules to route to stores that service the hub to ensure SLAs are met
  • Inventory sourcing logic allows for split shipments to ensure products arrive at job sites on time

Complex Catalog and Pricing

  • Granular product information is handled by variants and slicing, custom attributes, and highly-tailored descriptions for searchability
  • Kibo’s pricing engine delivers account specific pricing, configurable complex discount criteria, and manages tax requirements

Flexible Technology

  • The Kibo Cart and Checkout module was implemented first in 6 weeks, followed by the adding of additional modules
  • Kibo integrated with Prophet21 ERP, Evergreen pricing, and the solution was extended to include a freight integration and USPS integration for additional address data, and job quotes

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