Kibo Commerce Use Cases

Use Cases

Kibo Commerce Use Cases

Kibo helps B2B, B2C, D2C and hybrid business models simplify the day-to-day of building commerce experiences that drive loyalty and exceed company goals.

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Complex Customer Experience Use Case

Bring Inventory on to the Site

Nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at checkout.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.

Complex Business Model Use Case

Franchises Bring The Store Experience Online

Known as “The Helpful Hardware Place,” ACE Hardware is one of the largest retail franchises in the world.  Ace has over 5,000 stores globally with the majority of those stores independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

Each store sets it’s own pricing and has localized promotional strategies. Ace delivers all of that information online, in miliseconds.

Explore Complex Catalog & Pricing

1.2B Unique Product Prices Delivered to Customers in Miliseconds

In an effort to bring the localized store experience online, Ace Hardware delivers real-time store-level pricing, promotions and inventory availability based upon the customer’s geo location.

Kibo API extensions deliver Ace’s store-level information in miliseconds in search results, and on category and product pages across 5000+ locations and 1.2B unique product pricing records without risk to load on the system.

With Kibo Pricing Management, Franchises Can:

  • Enable Franchisee Owners to control the store-specific prices displayed online when a shopper uses geolocation
  • Use hierarchical price lists to meet the checks and balances requested by corporate such as corporate promotions
  • Give stores access to the catalog, pricing, and promotions user interface regardless of franchise agreement technical specifications

Composable Commerce without Compromise

Well-Choreographed Commerce Designed to Operate Together and Independently

Whether you need to overhaul your entire commerce tech stack, or simply modernize a key area of functionality, Kibo’s solutions will help you rapidly adapt to customer needs and market dynamics. Purchase and deploy Kibo solutions as modules, solutions, the full platform, or any combination of the two to meet your current and future needs

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Subscription Business Model Use Case

Serving Subscription Customers

The subscription experience goes far beyond the checkout.

See how Kibo Subscriptions Commerce can help you deliver seamless subscription experiences and drive customer loyalty. Unlike recurring billing platforms, Kibo Subscriptions Commerce allows businesses to fully control the end-to-end subscription buying journey.

Achieve Faster Time-to-Value with Kibo

9 Months

Implementation of Kibo Order Management for inventory visibility and BOPIS across 700 stores

$150M B2C Fashion Retailer
7 Months

Implementation of Kibo eCommerce and  Order Management together across 90 stores

$192M B2B/B2C Hardware Retailer
13 Months

Implementation of Order Management, Subscriptions, and Ecommerce with Kibo

$270M D2C Beauty Brand

Customer-Centric Operations Use Case

Getting Inventory Where Customers Want It: Ship to Store

Leading retailers are using Kibo to offer customer-centric experiences by unlocking inventory across their network.

Configure unique business rules to drive intelligent order routing and allocation of inventory to support customer demand. Support store associates during the fulfillment process of store orders.

Testimonials by Business Type

Commerce Leaders Reach New Heights with Kibo

Composable Commerce Use Case

Add New Sales Channels With Embedded Commerce

The fastest growing ERP and eCommerce solution for independent ski resorts and schools uses Kibo’s unified cart & checkout module alongside its existing tech stack — allowing skiers to purchase lift tickets, instruction, rental gear (and more) in one seamless package that can be easily managed by ski resorts themselves.

Explore Kibo Modules

Drive Product-First Commerce Strategies

By embedding cart and checkout into your existing websites or blogs, allowing customers to shop and pay for items without leaving the page.

  • Convert engaged customers with shoppable content
  • Streamline scheduling and paying for services on the same page.

Embedded Commerce With Kibo Cart & Checkout Ensures

Shoppers receive robust cart experiences like persistent shopping carts, custom cart items, and the ability to save a cart for later checkout.

  • Payment data security with PCI Level 1 DDS
  • A fit into your overall tech ecosystem with the ability to add Kibo or 3rd party functionality at any time.
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.

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