Universal Cart and Checkout Software

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Universal Cart and Checkout Software

Streamline Commerce Success with Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software


Increase in number of orders

City Furniture


To implement Kibo’s cart & checkout

Coastal Construction


Increase in average order value

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Universal Cart & Checkout

Customers Can Shop Anywhere, Anytime With Universal Cart and Checkout

Say goodbye to inconsistent user experiences and integration complexities.

B2C, B2B, and DTC companies often face challenges in integrating their cart and checkout across various sales channels, causing inconsistent shopping experiences. With Kibo’s universal cart and checkout, businesses can streamline their sales channels and allow customers to shop anywhere, anytime.

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Provide a Seamless Omnichannel Shopping Experience

  • Reserve-in-cart, reserve-in-store, and mixed cart (one-time and subscription orders)
  • Combined fulfillment methods at checkout
  • Persistent carts across devices and sessions

Support Multiple Brands and Sites with a Headless Cart

  • Single checkout and shared cart across all brands
  • Unified configuration and management of the purchasing workflow for all sites and channels

Enable Shop Anywhere with a Flexible Shopping Cart

  • Embedded cart on any sales channel
  • Cart takeover for sales and customer service teams
  • Wish lists and save carts for later

Customize Checkout Flows

  • Data-driven checkout experiences in milliseconds
  • Easy-to-add payment methods and gateways
  • Localized experiences based on currency or tax requirements

City Furniture ties together rich usability with flexible technology

City Furniture

City Furniture needed a cart & checkout that was easy to configure and could handle their complex checkout and promotional workflows.

Complex Checkout Flows Simplified

With Kibo’s universal cart & checkout, City Furniture was able to fulfill its checkout flow requirements, including multiple payment options like in-house financing, as well as complex promotional logic.

Improved Load Times and GMV

As a result, they were able to reduce cart and checkout load times by 50%. The furniture retailer also saw a 3x increase in monthly GMV.

Capability Spotlight

Enhance customer convenience with a mixed-cart

A mixed cart allows shoppers to add subscription products or services and single order items to their cart in the same transaction.


Mixed Cart

Increased Customer Convenience

A mixed cart provides more customer convenience, eliminating the need for separate purchases while streamlining the shopping experience.

Operational Efficiency

Companies can integrate their fulfillment and inventory management processes, leading to improved efficiency, instead of separately handling subscriptions and single-order items,

Higher Average Order Value

By allowing customers to combine different types of products in their cart, businesses can encourage them to explore and purchase additional items.

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