eCommerce Order Management System


eCommerce Order Management System

A modern, modular eCommerce order management system built for companies that want to deliver complex customer experiences while maintaining operational efficiencies.

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Unlock Order Management Data to Deliver Rich Experiences

Kibo Order Management System breaks down the barrier between siloed order management data and your customers across channels.

For high-volume retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, Kibo’s eCommerce order management system is the superior choice for transforming your business. Delivering complex customer experiences, improving operational efficiencies, and minimizing costs are made easy with Kibo Commerce at your side.

With a simplified eCommerce order management system, you scale faster without compromising customer satisfaction.

Kibo is a big part of our success.

By opening up inventory from stores, they helped us generate an extra 25% in revenue. Those are sales that otherwise wouldn’t have been made because that inventory wouldn’t have been available to ecommerce customers.

Marco Nobert
VP of CRM, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Laura Canada

Increase in Revenue


Increase in Online Sales


Improvement in Shipment Fill Rate

A diagram of the Kibo Order Management architecture, user interfaces, microservices, integrations, and technology platform

Own Your OMS Technology

A Composable eCommerce Order Management Solution

Better data, better visibility, better customer experiences – that’s what you get with a better eCommerce order management system. Our composable solutions make that all possible by giving you free range to build a system that works for your unique needs. 

Businesses that utilize Kibo’s innovative technology can take advantage of solutions that include:

  • A unified view of all real-time data across locations, is microservices-based, cloud-native, composable, and highly extensible.
  • An Intelligent Order Routing UI engine that sources inventory from the most optimal location based upon rules defined by the business. 
  • Fulfiller UI that facilitates the completing order obligations, such as ship to home or product substitutions through workflows that can be customized.
  • A Call Center UI that allows customer service reps to view, track, and manage customer orders, returns, modifications, and exceptions with rich permission settings.

We are a franchise with 1100 stores across the country.

Because Kibo’s order management system is headless, we can make incremental changes to the fulfillment interface to all locations and say, ‘We’re going to make this improvement to how you can return a product.’ We are also able to make changes to the UI specific to individual stores which has been a big help.

Danny Valentino
Director of IT eCommerce Home Hardware

Modular Order Management Capabilities

Incrementally implement modules that simplify your eCommerce order management challenges.

Scaling your eCommerce operations is made easy by putting the power back in your hands with a modular eCommerce order management system. With Kibo, businesses are empowered with the tools they need to enable network-wide inventory visibility and launch fulfillment programs like dropship or BOPIS. You’re also given the flexibility to fine-tune routing to balance customer demands with operational costs and allocate future stock and in-transit inventory when ready.

Image is of Kibo admin screen showing inventory visibility across locations in real time

View, Segment, and Allocate Network-Wide Inventory in Real-Time

With more visibility, businesses can move faster to either mitigate risks or find solutions that increase customer satisfaction. Through our eCommerce order management system, businesses have the foresight into inventory needs that allows them to:

  • Eliminate inventory data silos, identify slow-moving inventory, and avoid markdowns
  • Optimize stock levels and respond quickly to planned or unplanned spikes in demand with reserve allocation strategies
  • Allow sales and customer care reps to view and allocate in-transit or future available to promise inventory

Intelligently Source and Route Orders To Meet SLAS and Control Costs

Your bottom line is dependent on seamless operations, and with our eCommerce order management solutions you can make data-driven decisions that eliminate costly challenges. With the system businesses can start to:

  • Prioritize sourcing locations across multiple distribution centers, warehouses, and more based on custom variables
  • Automate sourcing and rules for order splitting into multiple shipments to reduce the cost of split orders
  • Route orders to locations based on metrics like inventory turn & store location or create custom logic to optimize fulfillment cycles

Flexible and Customizable Fulfillment Options

The right eCommerce order management system gives you the control you need to meet the unique needs of your business. Kibo’s technology does just that with solutions that allow you to tailor your fulfillment process to specific needs. From shipping methods, order routing, and beyond or system empowers businesses to :

  • Utilize out-of-the-box fulfillment workflows or create your own, integrate with carriers, and improve fill rates or lower labor costs
  • Enable drop shipping, cross dock replenishment, retail fulfillment programs, and any channel returns or substitutions
  • Enable staff with wave-picking and pack and add-on white glove services like gift wrap with a few quick clicks

Customer Service and Care

When you put your customers first, business success will soon follow. Kibo’s eCommerce order management solution supports your customers’ ever-evolving needs with solutions that:

  • Enable CSRs to view customer profiles, order, payment, and shipping details, and update account information without a CRM
  • Empower associates to lookup inventory, place or split orders, and manage returns or appeasements with ease
  • Govern the data visibility and actions available to specific users, and track credits or order modification history in a single dashboard
Image shows customer care screen in Kibo performing a manual discount on an existing order
Image is of Kibo admin showing a reporting and analytics screen of order data

Rich Reporting and Analytics

We understand that the more accurate data you have, the better you can run your business. Our eCommerce order management system gives you the 360° view required to make data-driven decisions that make a lasting impact on your success. With deeper insights, you can:

  • Seamlessly track and segment data points like revenue generation, inventory, orders, shipping costs, product performance, and more.
  • Set up real-time alerts to notify teams of set thresholds like stock statuses that would trigger a change in order routing rules.
  • Easily integrate with existing BI tools, ingest and export data, and customize, edit and save reports for quick retrieval

Lower implementation time versus a multi-vendor approach


Reduction of technical debt through consolidation


avg deployment cost savings versus multi-vendor approach


reduction in number of integrations across technologies

Flexible Packaging

Transparent, Flexible Pricing & Deployment

Kibo simplifies the delivery of commerce experiences. With Kibo’s Composable Commerce Platform, you can implement what you need, when you need it – to launch fast.

Choose the right plan for you.

Kibo offers three Order Management packages with pre-packaged modules to help you get started based on where you are in your commerce journey. All packages are priced using a recurring annual license model based upon number of order lines. Kibo’s Order Management solution and modules can be implemented all at once, or in a phased approach to meet your current and future needs.

In addition to our packages, Kibo can also be purchased and deployed as pre-packaged modules, full solutions, or all together as the full platform. Learn more about our flexible purchase and deployment options.


Foundational Package to Get Started:

  • Inventory service
  • Order service
  • Fulfillment service (APIs)
  • Carrier integration service
  • Payments service
  • Customer service


Starter Package, PLUS: 

  • Order Routing service
  • Fulfiller UI


Essentials Package, PLUS: 

  • Catalog service
  • Pricing service
  • Promotion/Discount service​
  • Optional: Subscriptions

We have been very impressed with their insight and support of our customer-centric ecosystem approach from the beginning.

Kibo’s Order Management System provides the right fit for our business. With Kibo’s modern architecture and fast implementation time, we will deliver positive results in our distribution centers around the world, as well as in our own retail stores.

Kolja Ferda
Global Head of Digital Infrastructure and Technology ZWILLING

Stop Renting OMS Technology, Own It

eCommerce Order Management With The Flexibility To Customize and Extend

You can rely less on vendors when you have an eCommerce order management system with the flexibility you need to improve operations at scale. With more ownership over your OMS, you can:

  • Use Order Routing Extensibility to create custom product, location, order and customer attributes
  • Build unlimited custom workflows to handle unique requirements such as oversized shipments or cold packing
  • Own and modify the underlying source code at a microservice level with universal API coverage

Kibo is a versionless, multi-tenant SaaS with backwards compatibility, continuous upgrades, and flexible hosting and deployment models. Gain the control you desire with our innovative eCommerce order management system.

Learn More About Kibo Technology


Modular Omnichannel Solutions

Simplify the Delivery of Complex Commerce Experiences

For simplified delivery of unified customer experiences across technologies – Kibo has you covered. Our modular solutions offer instant usability and shared microservices across solutions and a unified data model that greatly reduces the number of integrations needed and speeds up time to market.

Kibo Order Management AND Kibo eCommerce

Centralize your back-office inventory, fulfillment, and customer order data, in the field, online, and throughout all call centers with Kibo. Our eCommerce order management solutions support the delivery of powerful omnichannel experiences.

Learn More about our eCommerce Solutions

Kibo Subscription Commerce AND kibo Order Management

Get the flexibility that traditional recurring billing solutions lack with subscription solutions that allow you to manage subscription inventory, orders, and fulfillment of your physical goods or digital assets in one spot.

Through Kibo’s subscription commerce platform, brands have end-to-end support to meet your unique business needs.

Explore Kibo Subscription Commerce

Go To Market Faster

Using a single system, you can start managing and merchandising products more efficiently across multiple channels. Our eCommerce order management services include catalog management that sets you up for fulfillment success. Through our product information management offerings, businesses have solutions at their fingertips that allow them to:

  • Centralize locations
  • Create unlimited child catalogs
  • Set up unique product types
  • Master catalog structure
  • Merchandize on the storefront
  • Increase efficiency
  • Learn more about our solutions

Sync Your ERP Software With Ease

We understand that your ERP system is part of the lifeline of your business. That’s why our eCommerce order management system was developed to seamlessly integrate with the key systems you need to keep your business running as smooth as possible.

This integration puts your eCommerce processes within a single system to give you a comprehensive view of how you can optimize your operations. With a smooth integration with our OMS your business can reap benefits that include:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Real-time data visibility
  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced cost savings 
  • Efficient order fulfillment

Reduce Returns and Drive Customer Loyalty

Better customer service creates more customer loyalty. With our eCommerce order management services, you can improve customer experiences through call center and customer service capabilities that support both in-house and outsourced call centers in a single interface. 

Key features of the system include:

  • Single system to view and edit
  • Ability to apply omnichannel promotions
  • Locate inventory anywhere
  • Accept returns and exchanges
  • Review order history
  • Place and modify orders

Learn more about our customer support capabilities

No Stores? No Problem

Kibo Order Management is designed to help any organization with multiple inventory nodes, complex routing, fulfillment or multi-channel strategy needs. Both B2B and D2C can benefit from having a trusted platform that gives them the freedom to create, track, and optimize with ease.

See What Kibo Can Do for Your Business


  • Reduce logistics costs and improve service levels with cross-dock replenishment
  • Optimize the order routing across dropship suppliers or internal warehouses to reduce costs
  • Enable field sales to view all inventory available, approve quotes, and place and modify orders


  • Track and manage inventory levels in real-time to avoid scenarios like stockouts
  • Create custom fulfillment workflows for subscriptions or VIP orders to drive brand loyalty
  • Optimize routing rules to balance customer expectations for free & fast delivery with shipping costs
Composable Commerce

Why Kibo

We’re Where You Need Us To Be

Our composable commerce platform caters to businesses in the U.S. and Canada across diverse industries that include health, beauty, home, hardware, and garden. 


With a robust suite of solutions, businesses are empowered to deliver exceptional online shopping experiences while improving their eCommerce operations. From customizable storefronts, intuitive product catalogs, and seamless checkout processes to enhance customer engagement, we have the solutions you need to drive sales – consistently. 


Sustainable success in a competitive eCommerce landscape is made possible with Kibo’s eCommerce order management tools that focus on innovation, flexibility, and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about the Kibo difference

From Start To Finish – We Have You Covered

You’re likely managing multiple sales channels that can include your website, a marketplace, wholesale, or even social media. This can complicate the order management process if you don’t have the right system to support your goals. 

With our eCommerce order management system, you’ll have the comprehensive tools required for:

  • Order capture
  • Order processing
  • Inventory allocation
  • Order fulfillment
  • Shipping and tracking
  • Order returns and exchanges
  • Order reporting and analytics

At Kibo, seamless order processing and fulfillment across all sales channels is one click away.

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