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Unified Commerce

Sell Everywhere. Fulfill Anywhere.

Unified commerce experiences require integrated technologies. Kibo helps retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to deliver superior commerce experiences without compromising technical freedom.

Unified commerce

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Unified and Flexible Commerce Solutions

Improve Customer Experiences Through A Unified Commerce Platform Deployment

Kibo simplifies the delivery of unified customer experiences that live at the intersection of multiple technologies without compromising technical freedom and flexibility. Kibo modular solutions are fully featured for instant usability with thoughtful workflows and rich extensibility to customize at the core of the platform.

Kibo Order Management AND Kibo ECOMMERCE

Brands and retailers can bring back-office inventory, orders and fulfillment data to customers in stores, in the field, online and in call centers while leveraging the same platform that manages and merchandizes the storefront for powerful, unified experiences.

Kibo eCommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

Reduce the complexity of managing subscriptions and non-subscription digital commerce through a single platform that utilizes the same catalog, pricing, and promotions capabilities powering the storefront and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

Kibo Subscription Commerce AND kibo Order Management

Brands with subscriptions for physical goods  have centralized control of subscription inventory, orders, and fulfillment in the same system where they manage non-subscription commerce and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.


Lower implementation time versus a multi-vendor approach


Reduction of technical debt through consolidation


avg deployment cost savings versus multi-vendor approach


reduction in number of integrations across technologies

Unified Experiences Across the Customer Journey

Unified Customer Experiences Without Costly Builds

Kibo breaks down technological barriers by uniting backend commerce solutions through a unified data model for a single source of transactional truth to deliver powerful experiences throughout the customer journey.

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It’s one of the greatest things that we’ve gotten from Kibo is all the data, especially with going to the UCP and the new system and the reporting that we’ve got.

We are able to take the data out of Kibo. The APIs allow us to pull it in. And then we can put it together with the data that we already have so that we can show our whole entire business picture and provide that to the rest of our business.

Lynn Langenfeld
Director, Omnichannel Technologies, G-III Retail Company Name

Efficiency & Scale

Kibo solutions are built on a shared set of microservices that leverage a single data model and share a highly usable single interface to reduce the number of interfaces and integrations in your tech stack.

With Kibo, unified commerce is possible without functional bloat, the need to integrate multiple systems with complex workflows, or the complications of building and managing a unified user interface.

Image of overlapping commerce microservices across eCommerce, Order Management, and Subscriptions. Reinforces the value of a composable, unified commerce platform.

Universal Administration

Administrative functionality is centralized in a single user interface that leverages the same commerce capabilities across order management, eCommerce, and subscription commerce.

Easily perform daily tasks like tracking orders across all locations, updating the product catalog, setting omnichannel pricing, viewing cross-channel promotions, and managing product subscriptions.

Central Truth & Control

A single view of customer, order, product, inventory, and price data across all channels in one platform.

Sync and control inventory across locations, including warehouses, DCs, and stores, and allocate for channels like eCommerce sites and online Marketplaces in a single interface.

Kibo was the right solution to help unify things to really up our game digitally.

At the end of the day, Kibo was the one that was just right.It felt the right size for our business. It felt like the right level of support. It felt like the right value.

Elizabeth Ragone
VP of eCommerce, Boscov’s
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Order Management

  • Real-time network-wide inventory visibility and control
  • Intelligent order sourcing & extensible order routing
  • Flexible fulfillment options with customizable UI
  • Customer service & care with full platform visibility
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  • A single solution to manage catalog, pricing & promotions across locations
  • Unified cart & checkout for multiple sites or brands
  • Powerful site search tuning and merchandizing
    B2B accounts, quotes, and more
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Subscriptions Commerce

  • Manage digital & physical subscription products
  • Flexible billing plans, types, and models
  • Self -service & customer order management
  • Migrate historical subscriptions and continuity orders with ease

“Kibo’s unified eCommerce and Order Management offering not only brings modern commerce capabilities to our online business, but also connects it to our offline locations, allowing us to create a better customer experience while simplifying our operations,”

Jest Sidloski
VP of Marketing, Customer Experience and eCommerce Peavey Industries
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Omnichannel Inventory

  • Extend entire inventory assortment to customers online for purchase regardless of the location
  • Allow customers to filter online searches for available inventory or extend inventory data to the in-store experience to save the sale
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Omnichannel Pricing

  • Ensure a seamless pricing and promotion experience across all channels and locations
  • Enable customer service reps to apply promotions to a placed order or perform even exchanges on returns

Omnichannel Orders

  • Allow customers and service reps to view complete  transactional data and order history including subscription orders in a single view
  • Facilitate anywhere returns regardless of the original purchase channel

Unified Technology Drives Unified Experiences

Start With a Solid Foundation

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