Order Fulfillment Optimization

Use Cases

Order Fulfillment Optimization

Optimize Shipping and Labor Costs with Flexible Fulfillment

Average annual improvements as reported by Kibo Omnichannel Fulfillment customers


Decreased Shipments per Order


Reduced Hours for Stores to Fulfill BOPIS Orders


Reduced Hours to Fulfill Ship-to-Home Orders

Omnichannel Fulfillment Optimization

Reach the Optimization Trifecta with Flexible Fulfillment

Legacy technology and disjointed systems pose challenges for merchants in adapting their business processes to the rapidly changing consumer demands, particularly in consumer supply chain processes such as fulfillment.


Brands and retailers require an agile fulfillment solution for adaptable changes and iterative optimization. Flexible fulfillment processes like those offered by Kibo’s order fulfillment software enable them to achieve enhanced customer experiences, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

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Customer fulfillment models
like BOPIS, Curbside, and Ship-to-Home, with add-on gift wrap, assembly or installation services

Business fulfillment models
like Ship-to and Ship-from store, Store Transfers, Shipment Consolidations, Dropship, and more

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Track fulfillment performance
like fill rates, speed, and accuracy to adjust automated sourcing and routing decisions

Optimize pick pack ship
with OOTB workflows, wave or zone picking and more; or create custom workflows in the visual BPM

Automate fulfillment logic
for split shipments, pre-defined substitutions and more with custom business logic

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Empower stores to fulfill
and process returns with intuitive workflows customizable by store location, model, and more

Fulfillment Optimization

Efficient Fulfillment with Wavepicking

Ditch straight order line picking to optimize picking by zones or waves and meet SLAs.

  • Empower labor at any location to efficiently and consistently fulfill orders
  • Prioritize picking schedules by labor, store hours, order SLAs and more
  • Designate pick zones to maintain inventory accuracy and reduce fill errors
  • Display the user interface on any device (iOS, Android, etc.)
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Intuitive Fulfiller Tools

Onboard New Fulfillment Locations and Programs

Intuitive user interface and customizable workflows for any location, making fulfillment optimization attainable with minimal training and configuration.

  • Designate fulfiller roles and assign access and permissions
  • Quickly train new or seasonal employees to pick, pack and ship different order types
  • Customize the UI by location, store type, inventory location and more
  • Customize fulfiller workflows for new models or to test regional strategies


Ship-to-Home Consolidation

Conscious Consumers Want Consolidated Shipments

Shipment consolidation is the answer to fast delivery at great prices with minimal environmental impact. 

  • Intelligently transfer inventory from several locations to a single location
  • Optimize inventory network to meet customer needs
  • Speed delivery times and minimize shipping impact on the environment
  • Reduce all line items to a single customer shipment
shipment consolidation software screenshot
split shipment fulfillment software

Split Shipment Fulfillment

Speed Multi-Node Fulfillment with Split Shipments

Fulfill partial orders, turn inventory, and deliver orders faster.

  • Allow customers the choice to split shipments in certain scenarios
  • Govern scenarios such as no inventory or items too large for single shipment
  • Automatically re-assign the unfulfilled part of an order to a new inventory location
  • Automatically create split packing slips upon split shipment designation
  • Set thresholds on how many times an order can be split

Buy Online, Ship to Store

Meet SLAs and Control Costs with Buy Online, Ship to Store (BOSS)

Intelligently source inventory and route orders to ensure customer expectations are met while margin is protected. With Kibo’s Ship-to-Store for Pick-Up, merchants can meet SLAs like a BOSS.

The Benefits of BOSS Fulfillment

Reduce Fulfillment Costs

Consolidate BOSS orders with regularly scheduled replenishment shipments to save on labor and shipping costs.

Lower Inventory Holding Risks

increase product selection for in-store customers and reduce the risk of stock-outs or stale inventory that leads to markdowns.

Improve Customer Experiences

Offer customers free shipping without minimum thresholds and improve order fulfillment rates and completion.

We make changes to the fulfillment interface to all 1100 stores across the country.

We make incremental changes to the fulfillment interface to all locations and can say, ‘we’re going to make this improvement to how you can return a product’. We are also able to make changes specific to individual stores which has been a big help.

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware
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