eCommerce Software Solutions You Can Count On


eCommerce Software Solutions You Can Count On

Modular, omnichannel eCommerce for instant usability without the vendor lock-in

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eCommerce Storefront

Introducing The Kibo Storefront Solution

Rapidly standup a high-performance omnichannel commerce storefront out-of-the-box

The Kibo Storefront solution includes:

  • Fully-featured and highly responsive B2C and B2B/C omnichannel themes
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System & Visual Page Editor
  • Content Delivery Network for lightning-fast performance
  • Full storefront access to pre-integrated Kibo eCommerce, Order Management, or Subscription experiences
  • Hosting, management & monitoring by Kibo included in licensing

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Boost Your Headless Time To Value With Kibo Headstart Stores

Kibo Headstart Stores are pre-integrated with Kibo platform APIs to rapidly accelerate the launch of omnichannel storefronts for Kibo solutions.

  • Rapidly deploy B2C or B2B/C omnichannel experiences
  • Commerce ready solutions built on React, Vue.js and more
  • Integrate with leading headless CMS providers through pre-built integrations or use Kibo APIs to integrate existing systems

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Improve Page Performance With Kibo Headless Commerce

With Kibo’s back-end commerce capabilities for headless deployments, City Furniture achieved  greater flexibility and faster load times.

  • Kibo’s microservices-based, API-first architecture, and proper layering ensures each microservice can scale independently, reducing load times and improving response times
  • Kibo’s manages, scales, and hosts extensions in the same data center as core commerce capabilities eliminating the risk of latency from API calls to customizations.

ECommerce For Every Function

Balance Customer Centricity With Business Efficiency and Flexibility

Kibo’s B2C eCommerce solution is built with user-friendly tooling that allows business users to manage the back-office operations without developer assistance. At the same time, technologists have full flexibility to access the platform at a microservice level for rich customization.

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Key Ecommerce Functions

Unified administration of business-centric workflows and pre-built processes free your team to build unique-to-you customer experiences that drive loyalty.

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Catalog Management

Leverage master and child catalogs to build, configure and merchandise products across all sites, brands, and channels, and define unlimited unique attributes.

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Reporting & Analytics

Use pre-built reports and dashboards for a comprehensive view of business performance across channels and functions or build custom reports unique to your business.

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Tax & Payment

Leverage Kibo’s pre-built integrations with tax vendors and out-of-the-box payment gateways or build custom gateways specific to your organization.

Customer Management

Store, view and manage all relevant information in customer records; add and leverage custom data from a CDP or CRM and set permissions for visibility across the business

Order Management

View, track, manage and modify any aspect of an order regardless of order status; place orders on behalf of customers, apply discounts or replacements and more

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B2C/B2B eCommerce

A single solution leveraging a single catalog to support complex pricing, purchase orders, quotes negotiation,  approval workflows, account registration and login, bulk orders and more

Franchises Bring The Store Experience Online

Known as “The Helpful Hardware Place,” ACE Hardware is one of the largest retail franchises in the world.  Ace has over 5,000 stores globally with the majority of those stores independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

Ace stores come in all sizes and shapes based on the needs of each individual neighborhood.  Each store sets it’s own pricing and has localized promotional strategies. Ace delivers all of that information online, in milliseconds.

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1.2B Unique Product Prices Delivered to Customers in Miliseconds

In an effort to bring the localized store experience online, Ace Hardware delivers real-time store-level pricing, promotions and inventory availability based upon the customer’s geo location.

Kibo API extensions deliver Ace’s store-level information in miliseconds in search results, and on category and product pages across 5000+ locations and 1.2B unique product pricing records without risk to load on the system.

With Kibo Pricing Management, Franchises Can:

  • Enable Franchisee Owners to control the store-specific prices displayed online when a shopper uses geolocation
  • Use hierarchical price lists to meet the checks and balances requested by corporate such as corporate promotions
  • Give stores access to the catalog, pricing, and promotions user interface regardless of franchise agreement technical specifications

Modular Omnichannel Solutions

Simplify the Delivery of Complex Commerce Experiences

Kibo simplifies the delivery of unified customer experiences that live at the intersection of multiple technologies without compromising technical freedom and flexibility. Kibo modular solutions are fully featured for instant usability with thoughtful workflows and processes for daily administration. Shared microservices across solutions and a unified data model greatly reduce the number of integrations needed and speed up time to market.

Kibo Order Management AND Kibo ECOMMERCE

Brands and retailers can bring back-office inventory, orders and fulfillment data to customers in stores, in the field, online and in call centers while leveraging the same platform that manages and merchandizes the storefront for powerful, unified experiences.

Explore Kibo Order Management

Kibo eCommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

Reduce the complexity of managing subscriptions and non-subscription digital commerce through a single platform that utilizes the same catalog, pricing, and promotions capabilities powering the storefront and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

Discover Kibo Subscription Commerce

Kibo modules and platforms

Build Better Commerce With Kibo Composable Solutions

Future-proof your business with a solution that is interoperable and designed to seamlessly work with legacy and new systems

  • Modular packaging and deployment options means you can buy the technology you need now, and add functionality incrementally
  • Minimize tech bloat and avoid vendor lock-in
  • Leverage the host of business-centric modules, commerce microservices, and flexible APIs to create seamless experiences

What Happens When Rich Functionality Meets Future-Proof Flexibility


Increase Digital Revenue Growth In One Year



Reduction in Technical Debt over Three Years



Increase in Online Sales In One Year


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