Fully Packaged, Quickstart eCommerce Solution

eCommerce Storefront

Fully Packaged, Quickstart eCommerce Solution

Kibo offers the only modern, pre-packaged eCommerce solution on the market that includes everything needed to rapidly create a high-performance omnichannel commerce experience.

An Out-Of-The-Box, Complete eCommerce Solution

Kibo eCommerce offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools that will take your customer experience to new heights.

Kibo’s eCommerce Complete Package with the Storefront includes:

  • Hosting, management and monitoring as part of the license.
  • Fully-featured, highly responsive B2C and B2B omnichannel React themes.
  • Pre-integrated with easy-to-use headless Content Management System and Visual Page Editor.
  • Pre-integrated with personalization engine for creating personalized, eCommerce and content experiences.
  • Content Delivery Network included for lightning-fast page performance.
  • Pre-integrated with Kibo platform APIs for rapid delivery of site experiences with full storefront access to Kibo platform (eCommerce, OMS, Subscriptions).

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Kibo and Builder.io ecommerce interface example for a large backpack

Rapidly Launch Omnichannel Experiences

Kibo eCommerce comes pre-built with UX and functional capabilities to accelerate the launch of omnichannel programs like BOPIS, Ship to Home, etc. As an example, these are a handful of functionalities available out-of-the-box to launch a BOPIS storefront experience with Kibo eCommerce:

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Empower Marketers and Merchandisers with Unmatched Agility

Kibo eCommerce has powerful content management capabilities with a visual page editor to empower marketers and merchandisers with autonomy from technical resources.

  • Create and manage content and experiences without developers.
  • Drag and drop pre-built components or visually build from scratch.
  • Schedule content to go live to align with your roadmap and campaigns.
  • A/B test and personalize content without sacrificing quality and performance.
  • Quickly create microsites or additional brand sites with Kibo multi-site.

Control the Subscription Commerce Experience Anywhere

Kibo eCommerce allows you to launch a subscription experience to customers across channels with total control over the customer’s shopping experience.

  • Start or scale a subscription strategy alongside any traditional commerce experiences you already have leveraging the same catalog.
  • Create and publish multiple subscription types with flexible billing plans or complex promotions.
  • Use pre-built checkout flows to enable subscription and one-time purchases in a single cart.
  • Empower customers to self-service their subscription through pre-designed account workflows.
  • Leverage cart and checkout APIs to expand purchase channels such as in-app purchases.

Kibo eCommerce Benefits

Predictable Cost of Ownership

  • Storefront is fully hosted, managed, and monitored by Kibo as part of annual license cost.
  • Greatly reduce initial effort to build a modern, flexible omnichannel storefront by up to 50%.
  • Approximately 80-90% of commerce functions are pre-built to streamline project timeline, with modern tools provided to ease customization.

Future-Proof Architecture

  • Seamlessly interact with other backend and legacy ecosystem platforms through APIs.
  • Easily add additional channels, new brands and serve additional devices in the future with low effort.
  • The modern React/Next.js technology improves performance and sourcing for development resources in the market.

Scalable and Efficient

  • Leverage maximum OOTB features (templates, components etc.) to implement omnichannel UX and capabilities without significant trade-offs.
  • Quickly scale and integrate with additional platforms / solutions as they get introduced into the digital ecosystem.
  • Enable business teams to run and operate the day to day without much dependence on the IT team.
City Furniture

“Kibo’s platform provides promotion rules and coupon codes with a checkout flow that we can also extend to suit our needs. We wanted the ability to customize what was already created for commerce, not have to create the commerce experiences from scratch.”

Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez
Director of Software Product Development, City Furniture

Kibo B2B eCommerce

Kibo B2B eCommerce provides a strong, out-of-the-box path for expansion into new markets, introduction to new product niches, and delivery of smooth experiences across multiple channels.

Explore All Kibo B2B Capabilities

Drive Modern B2B Customer Experiences

  • Deliver clean, modern commerce experiences for B2B that mimic the familiarity of B2C.
  • Allow clients to create their own customer accounts, manage purchasing roles, save job requisition lists, place and update orders and more.
  • Enable buyers to seamlessly search products by part number, technical specifications, or other complex product data.
  • Control pricing shown by customer segments or geographies, bulk purchases or to add fees such as handling fees.
  • Accept B2B specific payments such as credit, financing, wire transfers, digital payments, etc.

Lower the Risks of Adopting Modern Technology

  • No-code capabilities for daily business users promotes productivity.
  • Pre-integrated with Kibo’s B2B eCommerce backend solution with 500+ integrations to other systems like ERPs for pricing or third-party services such as shipping and payment services.
  • Customizable end-user experience and customizable business admin interface.
  • Secure environment with PCI DDS Level 1 compliant; Soc 2 Type 2 Certified, user authentication, vulnerability identification and more.
  • 24/7 platform maintenance and multi-region support.

We really wanted a system that gave our customers a clean B2B user experience.

“We are in a very different space inside construction; our materials are very specialized products that many people know how to use. We really wanted a system that gave our customers a clean user experience. Kibo looked too good to be true. It offered the flexibility and B2B functionality we needed.”

Tim Lavinder
Tim Lavinder
Director of Digital Strategy, Coastal Construction

These pre-built capabilities provide our small development team with air cover.

“We like having the access to build custom experiences but also the ability to stand-up complex search experiences with detailed product data out of the box. These prebuilt capabilities provide our small development team with air cover and the ability to focus on custom development work by not having to build most of the commerce experiences on the frontend from scratch like with other platforms.”

Andy Wolf
Andy Wolf
CTO, Fortis Life Sciences

Marketing Use Cases

Commerce Experiences, Simplified

Online shoppers today demand more from marketers and merchandisers than ever before. Business teams are often left to the mercy of technical resources or toggling between too may platforms to deliver these experiences. Kibo gives autonomy to marketers and merchandisers through rich usability, thoughtfully constructed functionality and easy to customize tools.

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