Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Use Cases

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

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Increase Order Volume and Drive Revenue With Real-Time Inventory


Increase in online revenue from exposure of omnichannel inventory to customers online


Increase in online conversion rate for BOPIS from exposure of SKU-level inventory availability


Increase in forecasted order volume using Kibo automated inventory-based order routing

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Inventory Optimization Starts with Visibility

A single source of inventory information across all channels is the foundation for real-time inventory management.

Real-time inventory visibility is vital to the success of distribution strategies like omnichannel fulfillment and business goals such as reducing inventory holding costs.

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Sync inventory data
across systems of record (ERP, WMS, POS, etc) for a single source of truth

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Track inventory in-real time
to manage back-orders, future availability, in-transit, or on-hand anywhere

Kibo Icon Scale Independance

Monitor inventory granularly
at the SKU or variant level to optimize planning and replenishment

Confidently promise inventory
for BOPIS or ship-to-home without risk of stock-outs and cancellations

Define custom segments
for different channel strategies, customer groups, fulfillment methods, or other needs

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Adjust allocation instantly
by unit or percent to mitigate channel depletion during high-volume events

“Kibo is a big part of our success. By opening up inventory from stores, they helped us generate an extra 25% in revenue.”

“Those are sales that otherwise wouldn’t have been made because that inventory wouldn’t have been available to eCommerce customers.”

Marco Nobert
VP of CRM, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Laura Canada
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Reserve-In-Cart Inventory

Eliminate Over-Promising with Reserve-In-Cart

For most merchants, stock is only updated after an order is placed. Reserve-In-Cart protects inventory in customers’ carts from being sold during the shopping experience and mitigates the potential of lost sales.

Reserve-in-Cart can: 

  • Ensure inventory availability for in-store pick-up during the shopping process and throughout checkout
  • Protect merchants from missed sales on time sensitive goods such as tickets or hot product releases by limiting holding time
  • Encourage conversions by displaying number of items in stock and how much time the inventory is held for


Future Inventory Promising

Meet Customer Demand and Lower Carrying Costs

Prioritize stock on hand for fulfillment while promising future or in-transit inventory to meet customer demand and shorten wait times.

Kibo’s Future Available-to-Promise: 

  • Increases a location’s capacity to fill BOPIS, Ship-to-Home, and consolidated Ship-to-Home orders
  • Automates shipment actions when future inventory’s expected date or quantity changes on a scenario-basis
  • Can be assigned to only select products to promote pre-orders of new or limited-time products
  • Allows custom time horizons to ensure short shopper delivery timelines regardless of visibility timeline

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Rapid Enterprise Inventory Visibility

In as little as 90 days, merchants can enable inventory visibility with Kibo across all functions of the business.

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Call Centers

  • Lower call times with access to unified inventory information
  • Increase call center sales with future promising and in-transit inventory

Distribution Locations

  • Improve order sourcing efficiency and reduce split shipping costs
  • Increase fill rate speed and order fill completion rate
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eCommerce Site

  • Grow trust and loyalty with inventory stock data and location accuracy
  • Eliminate overpromising with reserve-in-cart inventory
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Stores & Branches

  • Drive foot traffic and reduce pick-up order cancellations
  • Increase products offered in stores without inventory holding risks

Inventory Segmentation

Increase Multi-Channel Sales with Inventory Segmentation

Quickly respond to market changes like shifting allocation to enable curbside pick-up and address channel needs like increasing Prime Day inventory in real-time.

Merchants with various channel strategies can: 

  • Segment inventory intended for different channels, customer groups, fulfillment methods, or other needs
  • Create emergency segmentation for unique scenarios or virtual inventory locations for limited time promos
  • Allocate inventory to segments by percentage of the total available or discrete unit values
  • Set safety stock thresholds by segments and define floor values for a location
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Inventory & Site Search

Increase Conversions with Inventory in Site Search

There is nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at checkout.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.


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