End-to-End Subscription Management Platform


End-to-End Subscription Management Platform

Get the flexibility you need to effectively manage orders, and fulfillment, and create better customer experiences with Kibo’s subscription eCommerce platform.

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Experience the Freedom of Customer-Centric Subscription Commerce

Kibo knows no two subscription businesses are alike.

Built for headless deployments, Kibo Subscription Commerce can be implemented with any cart and integrates with ease into your existing tech stack for total freedom over the customer experience.

With more flexibility to build subscription management strategies than traditional recurring billing systems and a broad set of commerce capabilities, Kibo’s subscription management platform simplifies the end-to-end management of subscription businesses while driving acquisition and retention at scale. Accounting software doesn’t drive subscription commerce, but Kibo’s subscription management platform does.

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Customer Care Beyond the Buy Button

You’re looking to turn one sale into recurring subscriptions and you can achieve that with the right subscription eCommerce platform. With Kibo’s subscription management platform, you can start enabling effortless self-management and superior customer care. We understand that customer experiences are the lifeline of your business that’s why we’ve designed a platform that empowers you to:

  • Enable sales or service reps can swap products, update customer accounts, and provide discounts in one user interface
  • Empower customers to pause or skip an order, change delivery frequency, or cancel a subscription without calling customer service
  • Narrow the gap between the payment and shipping dates of physical subscription products


Stand Out Subscription Commerce Services

Subscription Management Business Model – Simplified

Reduce implementation time by up to 80% by avoiding repetitive integrations using Kibo’s order management or subscription management platform. With shared microservices across solutions and a unified data model that greatly reduce the number of integrations needed, you can keep your focus on scaling faster without compromising customer experiences.

Kibo eCommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

Power the management of your subscriptions and non-subscription digital commerce using a subscription management platform designed to tackle the complexity of catalogs, pricing, and promotions. With that also comes more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

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Kibo Subscription eCommerce Platform AND kibo Order Management

Gain centralized control of your products using subscription commerce solutions that make the management of subscription and non-subscription inventory, orders, and fulfillment seamless.

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20% Subscription Growth For Proactiv

Proactiv turned to Kibo’s subscription commerce platform to consolidate its technologies across eCommerce, order management, and subscription management to reduce technical debt and increase sales.

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Say Goodbye to Abandoned Carts and Hello to More Customers

Customer needs are ever-changing but you can stay ahead with a vetted subscription eCommerce platform designed to help you meet them.

  • Use a single platform to effectively oversee multiple subscription types, billing plans, complex pricing and discounts, and order visibility.
  • Mitigate churn with self-service capabilities that empower customers to set delivery frequency or change subscription preferences.
  • Remove risks to headless or composable tech stacks with a subscription management platform that brings ease to migrating historical subscriptions and orders and integrating with any cart.

Build Better Buyer Experiences, Not Billing Plans

The best software management platform will empower you to create a strategy that ignites subscriber growth and boosts revenue. With Kibo at your side, you’ll have the tools you need to:

  • Grow average order value with mixed cart ability to checkout with a subscription and non-subscription item at the same time
  • Build subscriptions based on physical or digital products and services that are frequently used
  • Craft multiple pricing models such as tiered or variable, fixed, custom B2B pricing and more

Migrate and Manage Without Disruption

Have you outgrown your current subscription management platform, or is your eCommerce solution hindering your subscription program? Kibo can help.

  • Bring over customer account history including non-subscription orders into a single UI
  • Track and manage subscription and non-subscription orders in a single admin
  • Implement with an existing eCommerce cart or use Kibo’s Cart API to deliver fast checkout
  • Integrate with existing systems like ERP or LMS or add new capabilities such as payment type

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Track and manage subscription and non-subscription orders in a single platform

Scale Without Penalization for Subscriber Growth

Your growth should be celebrated and supported.  Kibo’s subscription eCommerce platform will scale as you grow without an additional charge for subscriber count.

  • Deliver frictionless and fast checkouts without the need for redirects or impact on page performance
  • Manage inventory, orders and fulfillment across channels for subscriptions & non-subscription goods
  • Autoscaling protects from high-stress events like flash sales or unforeseen spikes in new subscriber enrollment
  • Kibo APIs and managed extensibility allow you to customize out-of-the-box functionality and add new capabilities with ease as you grow

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Prevent Revenue Leakage With B2B Subscription Commerce

Add a recurring revenue stream without an additional platform to manage.

  • Manage subscriptions from quote to cash to automate the replenishment goods or services with account-specific pricing
  • Allow customers to bundle products and services on one quote for approval
  • View consolidated order history across fixed, one-time, recurring, and consumption-based charges in a single customer account

Improve Page Performance With Kibo

Kibo solutions are headless and architected for speed.  Avoid hijacked carts, improve page load speed and remove the friction from checkouts with Kibo.

  • Reduce load times and improve responses using API-first architecture, microservices-based subscription commerce tools with proper layering to ensure each of your microservices can scale on their own.
  • Kibo manages, scales, and hosts extensions in the same data center as core commerce capabilities, eliminating the risk of latency from API calls to customizations.

At Your Side From Onboarding to Displacements

You may be concerned about what the process looks like for displacing existing solutions or how smooth the transition will be when onboarding Kibo subscription commerce. For both, we can guarantee that you’ll have a team of eCommerce experts at your side when you need or however you need assistance – ensuring a disruption-free transition.

By phone, email, or live chat, we’re here to help.

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