Why Choose Kibo Commerce

Why Kibo

Why Choose Kibo Commerce

Robust functionality and usability meets technical agility and freedom to simplify the delivery of complex commerce experiences.

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Unified commerce

Modular Omnichannel Solutions

Simplify the Delivery of Complex Commerce Experiences

Why should organizations have to choose between the flexibility and agility to build unique commerce experiences and the ease of standing up robust functionality out of the box? Kibo doesn’t think they should. We simplify the delivery of unified customer experiences that live at the intersection of multiple technologies without compromising technical freedom and flexibility.

Kibo Order Management AND Kibo ECOMMERCE

Brands and retailers can bring back-office inventory, orders and fulfillment data to customers in stores, in the field, online and in call centers while leveraging the same platform that manages and merchandizes the storefront for powerful, unified experiences.

Kibo eCommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

Brands can reduce the complexity of managing subscriptions and non-subscription digital commerce in a single platform that utilizes the same catalog, pricing, and promotions  powering the storefront and with more flexibility than recurring billing solutions.

Kibo Subscription Commerce AND kibo Order Management

Brands with subscriptions for physical goods  have centralized control of subscription inventory, orders, and fulfillment in the same system where they manage non-subscription commerce and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

Kibo Solutions Are Better Together

Implementing two or more Kibo products can rapidly reduce cost and time to implement, reduce technical debt, and boost digital revenue growth from unified customer experiences.

SINGLE YEAR digital revenue growth 

since implementing Kibo Order Management and eCommerce together

lower implementation time

Kibo eCommerce and Order Management together vs. a multi-vendor approach

decrease in technical debt

from consolidation of eCommerce, Subscriptions and Order Management solutions into Kibo

Kibo For Technologists

Why rent technology when you can own it? Kibo gives technologists the speed they need with robust functionality out of the box, so they can prioritize their development resources on unique capabilities that differentiate rather than custom UIs and innumerable integrations.

See What Technologists Love About Kibo

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Kibo offers us unlimited ecommerce possibilities. Their modular, microservices-based structure fits with our own headless architecture so that we can create exactly what we need, from specific promotions and pricing to a fluid shopping-cart experience.

-Director of Software Product Development, City Furniture

Kibo For Marketers

IT roadblocks for marketers should be a thing of the past but modern commerce platforms have caused them to rise exponentially. Create omnichannel promotions, finely tune site search and manage complex pricing independent of your technical counterparts.

See why analysts say Kibo keeps the marketer in mind

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We’ve built 40 sites on Kibo with less staff than when we were just maintaining 6 sites. If we had to build 40 sites on our prior platform, we would need double the staff & 3 to 5 years.

-Vice President, Global eBusiness, Jelly Belly

Kibo For Partners

Kibo partners with our partners for mutual client success. Our technology embraces commerce complexity and an open ecosystem with modern frameworks that attract and retain developer talent.

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When it comes to choosing a technology partner for any client, we do not make that decision lightly. With Kibo’s capabilities around integration, APIs, and dynamic checkout, the decision is often obvious. They’ve been a fantastic partner for us, and we’ve seen a high level of satisfaction from our retail clients, which is a testament to the usability and effectiveness of Kibo’s offering.

-CEO, PeakActivity

Build Better Commerce

Start With a Solid Foundation

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Why Kibo

Simplify Complex Commerce Now and Accelerate Expansion for the Future

Gain greater control of your customer experience

Deliver rich customer experiences using data that spans technologies and channels with ease. Fulfill omnichannel expectations that build trust and loyalty

Streamline the implementation process

Leverage the top commerce microservices to gradually move over backend functions. Services can be deployed and managed independently for a crawl, walk, run approach

Expedite the deployment timeline

Kibo offers pre-built Omnichannel Starter Stores and Accelerators kits, and a host of integrations lead to faster deployments and quicker time to value.

Reduce the need to build custom UI’s

Our rich out-of-the-box capabilities means customizing UIs as you see fit, not building custom UIs.

Extend further without the complexity

Data, platform, and API extensibility extend core commerce microservices without the burden of hosting and managing the extensions or risk of API latency.

Manage commerce functionality all in one place

Single pane of glass view to manage product, merchandising, CSR interface, order routing, fulfillment, and inventory, all from a unified admin console

Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Headless Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified headless commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.


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