Headless eCommerce Platform For Improved Customer Experiences

Why Kibo

Headless eCommerce Platform For Improved Customer Experiences

Kibo frees marketers and merchandisers to create robust omnichannel customer experiences without technology roadblocks.

Easy-To-Build Omnichannel Storefronts

Kibo Storefront offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools that will take your on-site customer experience to new heights including:

  • Easy-to-use Content Management System & Visual Page Editor
  • Fully-featured and highly responsive B2C and B2B omnichannel themes
  • Content Delivery Network for lightning-fast performance
  • Full storefront access to pre-integrated Kibo eCommerce, Order Management, or Subscription experiences
  • Hosting, management & monitoring by Kibo included in licensing

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Kibo and Builder.io ecommerce interface example for a large backpack

Agile Marketing Free From IT Reliance

With Kibo, marketers and merchandisers can create supreme customer experiences with minimal to no IT involvement.

From omnichannel marketing campaigns to complex pricing and catalogs, Kibo simplifies the day-to-day management of commerce operations.

Marketing Use Cases

Modern Customer Experiences, Simplified

Online shoppers today demand more from marketers and merchandisers than ever before. Business teams are often left to the mercy of technical resources or toggling between too may platforms to deliver these experiences.  Kibo gives autonomy to marketers and merchandisers through rich usability, thoughtfully constructed functionality and easy to customize tools.

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Freedom From IT Bottlenecks

Rich Pricing, Promotions & Discounts

  • Create multiple pricing structures based on customer segments, store locations, and more.
  • Upload, import, export or auto-generate, configure, or modify promotions and coupons.
  • Tailor offers to your customers at the cart-level, product-level, or payment-type, or auto-add a free item.

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Freedom From IT Bottlenecks

Powerful Search Tuning

  • Control visitor experiences by highlighting the items you want shoppers to see and act upon.
  • Create product attributes in your product catalog for conversion rate, total sales, trailing 30-day revenue, top seller, or margin.
  • Merchandise category pages and redirect searches to those pages, such as a custom landing page or category page for “Top 10” term.

Discover Kibo Search

Kibo Drives Marketer Productivity


productivity improvement by eliminating redundant activities with multi-site management


full-time marketers were able to re-allocate their time to new tasks with time saved after Kibo migration


average time to create complex stacked promotions reduced from 3 hours on open-source platform

Freedom From IT Bottlenecks

Cataloging Made Easy

  • Set up static and dynamic categories and use visual merchandising tools for optimum product placement.
  • Update items in bulk in a few clicks following guided navigation with validation and error reporting.
  • Manage physical or digital products across multiple sites, brands, and channels at the macro and micro levels.

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Freedom From IT Bottlenecks

Omnichannel Reporting & Analytics

  • Access and analyze product and promotional campaign data across all channels to track performance.
  • Ingest additional 2nd and 3rd party data into the kibo’s reporting engine to enrich the data accumulated in the platform
  • Collect site search data on visitor behavior to inform marketing spend, product assortment strategy, SEO performance, and more.

Centralized Management in a Single Admin

Core Commerce for Marketers and Merchandisers

Payment icon


Complex companies deliver brand consistency to across all touchpoints ensuring uniform pricing, product information, promotions, orders, carts and more with Kibo Headless eCommerce. Choose your own front-end, and manage multi-site/brand/business models with finely tuned search in one powerful solution.

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Order Management icon

Order Management

Harness the power of order management data and deploy it to any touch-point in real time with Kibo Headless Order Management. Deliver in-stock inventory visibility and expected delivery dates before checkout to convert shoppers in any channel, and create pick, pack and ship workflows to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Learn About Kibo Order Management

Subscription Commerce icon

Subscription Commerce

Kibo transforms your subscriptions from exchange to experience by giving you and your customers the flexibility that traditional billing software lacks. Create a subscription for any kind of product with any kind of plan and scale seamlessly as your sales increase with Kibo’s Headless Subscription Commerce.

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Complex Customer Experience Use Case

Bring Inventory on to the Site

Nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at checkout.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.

See Kibo’s Inventory Capabilities

Unify Your Customer Touchpoints With Unified Technology

Kibo makes it easy to manage omnichannel pricing, promotions, subscriptions and more to drive consistency across channels.

Kibo commerce solutions share a single user interface, eliminating redundancies of managing multiple catalogs, pricelists, promotions and inventory, across sites, subscriptions or channels.

Only truly unified systems can deliver seamless customer experiences no matter the channel, be it marketplaces, website purchases, subscription boxes, or in-store purchases.

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Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Headless Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified headless commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.


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