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Kibo Site Search for eCommerce

Simplify eCommerce site search using fast and relevant search results that drive conversions and customer loyalty.

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Powerful Site Search For Fast, Relevant Results

A search experience that doesn’t meet customers’ expectations becomes a barrier between a site’s visitors and the products they want to buy.

Kibo Site Search enables organizations with large catalogs and siloed inventory or pricing data a way to structure their data, control site merchandising, and leverage deep learning to deliver relevant search results in milliseconds. Return relevant results, with accurate information and lightning-fast speed with Kibo.

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search users are more likely to convert than non-search users


of visitors go to a site’s search box immediately


U.S. consumers abandoned a shopping session because they received irrelevant search results

Drive Conversions and Deliver Value

Kibo Site Search

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Use Case

Better Together: Search & Inventory

Nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at checkout.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.

Guide visitors to boost performance

Searchandising for Merchandisers

With Kibo, merchandisers and marketers can drive business goals by merchandising related items to increase average order value or promoting seasonal items to increase turn and prevent markdowns.

Kibo Search Admin Boost Capability

Kibo Searchandizing Product Performance

Boost and Bury Products and Campaigns

  • Easily boost your own brand, or products with a higher rating; use global boosts to show better products
  • Bury campaigns not relevant to shopper’s location or boost specific products in a campaign like those with the highest profit margin

Guide Customers With Redirects

  • Redirect common search terms such as “Shipping” or “Returns” to help visitors quickly find answers or get support
  • Merchandise category pages and redirect searches to those pages, such as creating a custom landing page or category page for “Top 10” term

Drive Product Performance

  • Pin category searches to highlight new items or persuade visitors of its perceived popularity
  • Create product attributes in your product catalog for conversion rate, total sales, trailing 30-day revenue, top seller, or margin

Speed, relevancy, accuracy

Turn Search Into Your Differentiator

Fine tune relevancy and provide visitors with predictive, type-ahead search that evolves with the constantly changing buyer.

Kibo makes it easy for merchandizers and marketers to keep visitors on their site and in their carts without relying on IT.

Kibo Field Weightings to Customize Relevancy

Kibo Auto Suggest and Spell Correction

Increase Scale and Speed

  • Deliver lightning-fast relevancy at scale with neural text classification, named entry recognition and semantic search
  • Increase performance and reduce customer frustration in common searches such as question answering

Automate Suggestions

  • Consider synonyms for commonly misspelled words and automate or offer spell correction such as “did you mean?”
  • Suggest products as well as categories and provide images, pricing, and category details

Customize Relevancy

  • Customize relevance by increasing or decreasing index weightings for product short and long descriptions, product names, and product categories
  • Weight product fields against phrases to increase or decrease relevancy

Drive conversions and brand loyalty

Site Search For Any Business Type

When a site is easy to search, visitors are more likely to stay on the site, consume your content, make a purchase, and even become repeat buyers.

Omnichannel Retailers

  • Drive foot traffic with filtering by geographic proximity and in-store availability
  • Pin searches to persuade visitors of an item or category’s perceived popularity
  • Limit the visibility of products that are short in supply using boost and bury

Explore What Kibo Can Do for Retailers


  • Allow visitors to filter by product categories to quickly locate items relevant to their industry
  • Enable visitors to search by SKU variant level for fitment and related products
  • Return searches with more than products such as installation instructions or how to videos

Learn Why B2B Companies Choose Kibo


  • Use search pinning to promote over-produced inventory or newly in-stock
  • Boost your brand’s community by returning results with testimonial videos
  • Use search data to gain a greater understanding of consumer intent

See How D2C Brands Use Kibo

Deploy Quickly With Kibo Modules

Kibo’s modularly deployable solutions get you to market quicker with the flexibility to add-on Kibo or 3rd party solutions as business needs grow.

  • Instant usability with thoughtful workflows and processes for daily administration with microservices architecture to re-use and re-compose
  • Leverage Kibo’s rich extensibility to customize and full coverage APIs to integrate with existing systems
  • Interoperability with other solutions allows for ease of future added functionality with a unified data model and a single admin
Image shows the kibo architecture of products, modules and underlying microservices.

Build Better Commerce

Start With a Solid Foundation

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Rich Search Experiences Made Easy With Unified Data

Kibo is the only core commerce vendor with enterprise capabilities across Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscriptions within a single composable platform.

  • Kibo Search makes it easy to use data aggregated across systems due to a shared data model
  • Provide rich experiences like filtering products by what is currently available in the nearest store
  • Manage unique site search strategies across multiple websites from a single user interface and master catalog

Learn More About Kibo Composable Commerce Solutions

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack With an Open Ecosystem

Kibo’s API-first microservices-based architecture is built for organizations that need powerful site search usability now without compromising their freedom to add mar-tech capabilities as they grow.

  • Leverage AWS’s Search Platform or Google’s Retail Search Platform beneath Kibo’s search merchandizing UI
  • Quickly integrate with leading personalization vendors and content management solutions with Kibo’s pre-built Integrations
  • Add to other Kibo solutions to your tech stack as needs arise with a low time to market and implementation cost.

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