B2C eCommerce Platform For Optimal Customer Experiences

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B2C eCommerce Platform For Optimal Customer Experiences

Don’t let siloed functions and systems disrupt the customer experience.

Approach Composable Omnichannel Commerce Differently

Simplify Areas of Complexity with Unified Commerce Technology

Kibo simplifies the complexity of managing large product assortments, pricing, promotions, and subscription strategies, and inventory, and fulfillment across multiple channels in a single, composable platform for easy management and total flexibility

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Retailers Grow With Kibo

Rapid Return on Investment

For Omnichannel retailers, Kibo is a long-term solution with a rapid return on investment that sustains value as your business grows.


Online Revenue Growth YoY From Kibo Unified Commerce Solutions

7 Months

to Deploy Kibo Order Management Across 650+ Locations


Initial Sales Growth From In-Store Pick-Up with Kibo Order Management


Increase in Monthly Online Revenue with Improved Cart and Checkout

“Using Kibo we’ve been able to solve some pretty unique customer challenges”

The biggest one being unique pricing across our 1100 stores across the country. Price by province, price by store. Each store is dealerowned and likes to either put or have their own price for a product, and Kibo definitely helps us with that.

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware

Use Case

Getting Inventory Where Customers Want It: Ship to Store

Leading retailers are using Kibo to offer customer-centric experiences by unlocking inventory across their network.

Configure unique business rules to drive intelligent order routing and allocation of inventory to support customer demand. Support store associates during the fulfillment process of store orders.

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Order Management

  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility & Control
  • Intelligent Order Sourcing & Routing
  • Flexible Fulfillment Options
  • Customer Service & Care

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  • Robust catalog, pricing & promotions
  • Unified cart & checkout and Site Search
  • Multi-site/brand/model management
  • B2B accounts, quotes and more

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Subscription Commerce

  • Supports digital & physical products or services
  • Flexible billing plans, types, and models
  • Self -service & customer management
  • Migration of historical subscriptions & all orders

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Eliminate Technology Data Silos

  • No more managing disparate systems for each sales channel. Manage orders, inventory, subscriptions, and modules for eCommerce in a single admin.
  • Provide a holistic picture of business performance to facilitate better visibility and data-driven decisions — simplifying the day-to-day management.
  • Eliminate the burden of managing multiple channels with automated workflows and processes, pre-built integrations, and reliable solutions.
Image shows the kibo architecture of products, modules and underlying microservices.

Consolidate Backend Commerce Functions

  • Build unified consumer experiences at a low total cost of ownership and with fast time-to-market with Kibo’s shared microservices model
  • Consolidate backend functions. Instead of having three concepts of a customer order, you have one. Instead of online pricing vs. in-store pricing, you have omnichannel pricing.
  • Kibo’s extensibility allows you to make changes to the customer experience without affecting the codebase of the platform or fear of shutting down the site.

Online and Offline Management

  • Use a single order management system to holistically manage customer data and orders across all online and offline touch points and channels.
  • Optimize and track the entire shipping process, from product location and inventory availability to best shipping methods and routes.
  • Eliminate redundancies and understand buying patterns with built-in fulfillment reporting and insights.
Image is of Kibo admin screen showing inventory visibility across locations in real time

Use Case

Bring Inventory Data into Site Search

Nothing more frustrating for a shopper than spending time searching for the perfect product only to find out it’s out-of-stock at their store.

With Kibo, inventory data and search operate in unison, so shoppers only see items that are in-stock and purchasable. See how retailers like ACE Hardware are using Kibo to deliver effective search experiences and boost product discovery.

Kibo was the right solution to help unify our game digitally

Boscov’s has some unique factors to our business being around forever and being homegrown; a lot of legacy systems. Our systems are sort of unique variances of our business, so it was reassuring that Kibo was not spooked by some of our issues. Our system prior worked for where we were, but it wasn’t necessarily growing where we wanted to go. Kibo was the right solution to help unify things to really up our game digitally.

Elizabeth Ragone
VP of E-Commerce, Boscov’s
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to eCommerce Order Management

See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences with a modern, microservices-based, API-first technology-powered eCommerce order management platform. Start delivering complex customer experience and improving operations with Kibo as your partner.

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