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Catalog Management

Grow Revenue and Efficiently Expand Business

With a single system to manage and merchandize products, Kibo customers see triple digit growth


Increase in Revenue
60+ Sites Supported



Annual Revenue
22 Brands Supported



Single Year Revenue Growth
1B+ Products Supported


Product Information Management

A Catalog Created for Commerce

Product Information Management Meets Storefront Merchandizing

Kibo offers unrivaled flexibility for product management and digital merchandizing with easy to use UIs, bulk editing tools and publishing workflows. Unlock greater visibility and control with Kibo’s product information management solution. 

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Centralized location to 
store, manage, enrich, and distribute product data for multiple brands, sites or buyers

Create unlimited child catalogs 
for specific sites and override global properties such as price, currency, language or description

Retail Store

Set up unique product types
like configurable bundles with options, extras, custom attributes, unlimited variants and more

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Master Catalog structure 
with global product properties shared across brands or sties for rapid deployment & management

Kibo Icon UX UI

Merchandize on the storefront
with product collections, bundles, or families and create static or dynamic category pages


Increase efficiency 
with quick edit, bulk updates, and publish sets; easily schedule product updates with site changes

Catalog Structure & Site Management

Master Catalog Efficiency

Rapidly deploy new sites and expand into new markets with a couple of clicks

Catalog and Site Structure Features :

  • Master Catalog & Child Catalog structure
  • Support B2B/B2C, multi-brand, and unlimited sites in one catalog
  • Upload  and organize content files with hierarchical structures
  • Quick edits and bulk updates to catalogs and categories


product catalog screenshot
product management software screenshot

Product Management

Manage Products on the Storefront

A scalable, commerce-centric product information management solution

Product management capabilities include: 

  • Digital, configurable, bundles, collections or a combination
  • Create one-time purchase, subscription, trail or a combination
  • Assign options, properties, extras, or create custom attributes
  • Control data shown on PDP, category pages, and in search results

Product Storefront Display

Merchandize Products on the Storefront

An agile, storefront agnostic approach to product digital merchandizing

Product merchandizing capabilities include:

  • Schedule the display dates of a product on your storefront
  • Slicing to show variants separately without individual product listings
  • Dynamic imaging for variant images on the storefront and in search
  • Visually organize how products will be reflected on the storefront
product merchandizing storefront screenshot

Product Fitment

The French Toast “Shop By School” Experience

French Toast sells apparel for the family and uniforms for hundreds of different schools.  French Toast needed to ensure a way for their site to parents the right school uniform for their child, with the correct school pricing and extras like embroidery only on allowable garments.

With Kibo, French Toast Enables Shoppers to:

  • “Shop By School” by inputting a school code, name, or zip code to find their respective school
  • Upon selecting a school, shoppers see a category page with only products and prices relevant to their school
  • Products are assigned to schools in the allowable colors for specific size ranges to ensure shoppers buy the correct garments
  • ​Visualization allows shoppers to see the embroidery on a garment before buying only for allowable garments
  • School items are separated from non-school items in the cart and at checkout to allow for single orders to be placed without confusion of what items are school approved

master category merchandizing screenshot

Category Merchandizing

Master Category Merchandizing

Control the display of products on category pages and search results

Category and Merchandizing Capabilities:

  • Build static and dynamic categories and quickly assign products
  • Set display timeframes and show/hide active or disabled categories
  • Define facets for site search to return category results
  • Control display sorting rules and lock products in specific positions


Dynamic Category  Merchandizing

Save Time with Dynamic Categories

Dynamic categories change the products that are displayed in a category either as merchandizers make changes like adding new products, or as shoppers navigate in real-time to reflect inclusion of products by fluid attributes like price.

The Sweet Success of Improved Product Data

After moving from homegrown product and pricing management to Kibo, Jelly Belly saw instant lift in marketer productivity and site metrics.

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Increase in Organic Site Traffic


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in Conversion Rate

Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Headless Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified headless commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.


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