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B2B eCommerce Experience

B2B composable commerce

Boost Growth and Efficiency with a Modern B2B eCommerce Platform


Increase in Revenue over Two Years

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Decrease in Avg. Shipments Per Order in One Year

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Increase in Number of Orders

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B2B Customer Experience

Grow Customers Not Transactions

B2B customers demand modern experiences that go beyond cart and checkout.

Kibo’s B2B eCommerce solution embraces the complexity that hinders manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors across product, price, order and inventory management and thoughtfully weaves it into a modern customer experience.

Simplify customer management across multiple sales channels and systems with rich B2B capabilities and flexible modern technology.

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Initiate and negotiate quotes
out-of-the-box and create custom processes using the visual workflow editor

Manage account hierarchies
and assign purchasing roles, user authorizations and spending limits

Create purchase orders
set credit limits and accept all payment forms; allow future invoicing and non-taxable billing

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Customize pricing and promotions
at the account level or by product, category, customer segment, and more

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Enable site search
by SKU, model numbers for fitment, source codes, related products and other content

Compliment self-service with CSRs
to takeover carts, place orders, assign future inventory to orders or skip a replenishment delivery

B2B data management software

Simplify B2B Complexity

Streamlined Data, Reduced Errors

Reduce the number of systems it takes to get the right products to the right buyers at the right price.

In one platform, companies using Kibo’s B2B eCommerce Platform can manage:

  • Account self-registration and profile management, order history, quick re-orders and more
  • Quotes with custom negotiation workflows, credit terms, and custom discounts
  • Master catalogs, custom attributes, storefront merchandising and search tuning
  • Unlimited price lists with hierarchies by customer, location or any segment
  • Network wide inventory, order orchestration, routing logic, and fulfillment workflows

B2B Quotes

Automate Quote Negotiation

Reduce the time and labor required to generate and approve quotes and create custom approval processes with the visual workflow editor

With Kibo, buyers and sellers can:

  • Request, create, and negotiate quotes
  • View an account’s historical quote history
  • Track quote statuses and set milestone alerts
  • Update, copy, email, or delete a quote


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Scaling the B2B Customer Experience

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Coastal Construction (now Beacon Roofing) is the largest distributor of speciality building materials in the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of complex products and over 5000 unique price lists.

The distributor operates a hub and spoke model across their East Coast branches and warehouses — using Kibo to manage inventory sourcing and routing, orders, and fulfillment in the same platform as the commerce engine.

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Rich Online Experiences

  • Account registration and user permissions, quote request, custom pricing, and self-managed orders and payments
  • Viewable stock availability, delivery and pick-up options, and estimated delivery dates
  • Sales reps can takeover carts  and assist with job estimates & quotes, locate inventory, complete orders and more

Efficient Backend Operations

  • Network wide inventory in real-time with in-bound and in-transit inventory available to promise to orders
  • Complex routing logic allows split orders, transferred between hubs and drop shipped to meet SLAs
  • Promised inventory is consolidated to fulfill an order to completion before pick-up by or delivery to the customer

Kibo looked too good to be true, but everything that we’ve wanted to do we’ve been able to accomplish.

“We are in a very different space inside construction; our materials are very specialized products. We really wanted a system that gave our customers a clean user experience and had the commerce and back-office functionality we needed with the flexibility to customize what we wanted. Kibo looked too good to be true but everything that we’ve wanted to do we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Tim Lavinder
Tim Lavinder
Director of Digital Strategy, Coastal Construction
Multi-site B2B management software

Multi-Site, Multi-Brand, Multi-Channel

Expand and Grow with Multi-Site

Customers can interact with just the brands or sites applicable to their business while business teams work in one system for all commerce activities

With Kibo Multi-Site businesses can: 

  • Leverage the same catalog, promotions and other commerce tools for all sites
  • Expand to a new region with localized versions of a site using different currencies or languages
  • Manage multiple brands under one roof that share products but are marketed independently
  • Drive microsite strategies for specific geographies, events, or products such as licensed logos

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I was looking for something that would enable us to build B2B customer experiences rapidly with flexibility,

and have really strong search experiences, have an efficient checkout process, perform well with SEO page speed, and that I was confident with the [platform] scalability and stability. A lot of competitors or other ecommerce platforms might do little pieces better, but we weren’t able to find a company that we felt as comfortable would meet our needs in the short term and the long term as Kibo.

Andy Wolf
CTO, Fortis Life Sciences
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to Unified Headless Commerce Technology

Modern, microservices-based, API-first technology powers our unified headless commerce platform. See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences.


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