Composable Commerce Platform That Doesn't Compromise

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Composable Commerce Platform That Doesn’t Compromise

Kibo is the only vendor who offers composable capabilities across Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscriptions without compromising functionality and developer freedom.

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Composable Commerce Without Compromise

We promise the simplicity and sophistication that traditional commerce suites are known for with modern architecture so you can only buy what you need, integrate with unique tech stacks, and customize without disrupting business or budget.

Kibo Order Management, eCommerce and Subscription commerce solutions and modules are built for out-of-the-box usability with full flexibility to own and modify the underlying source code at a microservice level for rich customization.

Composable, Extensible, Scalable

Architected to Simplify Complex Commerce

Kibo modularly deployable capabilities allow flexibility to assemble a commerce stack and create a completely custom frontend and backend experience without using several granular microservices.  Spend less time building and maintaining your tech stack with Kibo Composable Commerce.

  • Save time with fully-functional admin interfaces, pre-built integrations, APIs, workflows, and omnichannel headless starter stores
  • Implement Kibo solutions as a full platform or as packaged modules to meet your goals and reduce technical bloat
  • Unified administration of functions and a shared data model across services simplify integrations and management
  • Core extensibility to make changes to the customer experience without a complete overhaul or fear of shutting down the site

Embedded Commerce with Kibo’s Cart & Checkout Module

The fastest growing ERP and eCommerce solution for independent ski resorts and schools uses Kibo’s unified cart & checkout module alongside its existing tech stack — allowing skiers to purchase lift tickets, instruction, rental gear (and more) in one seamless package that can be easily managed by ski resorts themselves.

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Drive Product-First Commerce Strategies

By embedding cart and checkout into your existing websites or blogs, allowing customers to shop and pay for items without leaving the page.

  • Convert engaged customers with shoppable content
  • Streamline scheduling and paying for services on the same page.

Embedded Commerce With Kibo Cart & Checkout Ensures

Shoppers receive robust cart experiences like persistent shopping carts, custom cart items, and the ability to save a cart for later checkout.

  • Payment data security with PCI Level 1 DDS
  • A fit into your overall tech ecosystem with the ability to add Kibo or 3rd party functionality at any time.

reduced headless go-live time with Kibo B2B & B2C Omnichannel Starter Stores


average time to implement a Kibo module like Unified Cart & Checkout


lower implementation time of multi-Kibo products vs. multi-vendor approach

Build Better Experiences With Kibo Composable Commerce

Future-proof your business with a solution that is interoperable and designed to seamlessly work with other systems and unify data sources.

Leverage the host of business-centric modules, commerce microservices, and flexible APIs to create seamless experiences that meet modern shoppers’ needs.

With modular packaging and deployment, you have the freedom to buy the technology you need now, and add functionality later — saving you from tech bloat and vendor lock-in.

Kibo Composable solutions ensure you get the freedom and flexibility to truly own your tech stack, without spending costly resources building commerce from the ground up.

Image shows the kibo architecture of products, modules and underlying microservices.

Rapidly deliver modern experiences

Right-Sized and Thoughtfully Packaged Business Capabilities

Kibo pre-packaged modules allow flexibility to assemble a commerce stack and create a completely custom frontend and backend experience without building from scratch with granular microservices.

  • Fully-built business centric functionally allows users to manage the back-office operations without developer assistance.
  • Pre-orchestrated interactions between components enable re-composition & reuse.
  • Clear separation allows for easily integration with other 3rd party solutions in the marketplace.
  • Microservices are properly layered for clean separation between layers and architectural flexibility.

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“When it comes to commerce, Kibo has already done the heavy lifting”

Our business is very unique, but when it comes to commerce, Kibo has already done the heavy lifting. There are good advantages to having a community of users using the same product in different ways and coming up with solutions to problems. The way I see it, Kibo frees us to prioritize our own development to build differentiated value.

Brandon Finch
Global Vice President of eBusiness

Full Flexibility. No Latency. No Cost.

Don’t Rent Technology, Own it with Kibo Extensibility

Kibo’s managed extensibility is rich access to modification of the underlying microservices source code without the cost. 100% API cover ensures teams retain a deep level of control without learning new languages or using unfamiliar tools. Extensions are managed, hosted and scaled by Kibo in the same data center as microservices at no cost to the customer and no risk latency between core platform and customizations.


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Modular Multi-Tech Solutions

Simplify the Delivery of Complex Commerce Experiences

Kibo simplifies the delivery of unified customer experiences that live at the intersection of multiple technologies without compromising technical freedom and flexibility. Kibo modular solutions are fully featured for instant usability with thoughtful workflows and processes for daily administration. Shared microservices across solutions and a unified data model greatly reduce the number of integrations needed and speed up time to market.

Kibo Order Management AND Kibo ECOMMERCE

Brands and retailers can bring back-office inventory, orders and fulfillment data to customers in stores, in the field, online and in call centers while leveraging the same platform that manages and merchandizes the storefront for powerful, unified experiences.

Kibo eCommerce And Kibo Subscription Commerce

Reduce the complexity of managing subscriptions and non-subscription digital commerce through a single platform that utilizes the same catalog, pricing, and promotions capabilities powering the storefront and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

Kibo Subscription Commerce AND kibo Order Management

Brands with subscriptions for physical goods  have centralized control of subscription inventory, orders, and fulfillment in the same system where they manage non-subscription commerce and with more flexibility than traditional recurring billing solutions.

Building From Scratch is Costly

Re-use and Re-compose

Curating a commerce tech stack from microservices and best-of-breed solutions can be massively complex. With Kibo’s approach to composable commerce, you gain the benefits of composability without costly builds and complex maintenance.


Microservices are segmented into four major categories: commerce, content, events, and platform; each maintaining full data independence and using the same data model.


100% API coverage within the Admin UIs and deep inside commerce services to modify the underlying source code at a microservice level and truly own your commerce.

Developer Center

Cloud Native

Delivered on a public cloud platform in multiple regions and deployed on containerized infrastructure to ensure reliability and innovation.


All commerce capabilities are headless allowing for flexible deployment of Kibo services at any touchpoint. Kibo starter stores enable rapid time to go live and minimize cost to build.

“Kibo did a great job providing the API layer for the solution for us to move forward.”

“I was looking for a scalable solution that my team can quickly deploy applications. What I’m looking for in a technology is something that’s scalable, something that is not monolithic, something where I can find people to come onto the platform and work.”

Danny Valentino
Director of IT E-Commerce, Home Hardware
Unified commerce

Discover the Modular Approach to eCommerce Order Management

See how Kibo can change the way you deliver unified customer experiences with a modern, microservices-based, API-first technology-powered eCommerce order management platform. Start delivering complex customer experience and improving operations with Kibo as your partner.

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