Subscription Management Solution

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Subscription Management Solution

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Increase Orders and Conversions with a Subscription Management Solution

With a Subscription Solution Dedicated to Commerce, Kibo Customers Average


Increase in Average Order Value


Increase in Order Volume in the First 6 Months


Increase in Conversion Rate in the First Year

Subscription Management

End-to-End Subscription Management Platform

Accounting software can’t drive commerce, but Kibo’s subscription management tool can.

Seamlessly integrating with any cart and effortlessly blending into your current tech stack, Kibo offers a comprehensive solution for subscription management.

With a diverse range of commerce capabilities at your fingertips, Kibo streamlines the entire lifecycle of subscription businesses while enabling rapid acquisition and unparalleled retention rates.

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Customer Service

Empower Call Centers
to track customer orders, place and modify orders, swap products, update customer info and more

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Easily migrate subscription orders
and all historical subscription and one-time order data, customer account profiles and more

Simplify checkout to grow orders
with mixed carts of subscription and one-time orders in one simple transaction flow

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Reduce Customer Churn
with self service pausing, skipping, changing order frequency, adding products and more

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Create new subscription programs
for access, replenishment, curation, or any model or any billing structure like fixed, tiered, usage etc.


Unify subscriptions management
with other business in one UI for inventory, orders, customers, promotions, products and more

Alchemee’s Proactiv Sees 50% Increase in Order Volume the First 6 Months with Kibo

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Proactiv consolidated technologies across eCommerce, Order Management & Subscription Management Solutions with Kibo.

A true end-to-end subscription management solution

Proactiv needed a subscription management solution that enabled self-service capabilities, flexible payment options, and custom product bundles (I.e., bundle three products and get them once per month).

Revenue growth and less technical debt

After switching to Kibo, Proactiv saw a 50% increase in order volume in the first six months, and a 117% revenue growth in the first year.

They gained functionality, and their technical debt will decrease by over half in the next three years.

59% of consumers subscribe to a product for convenience.

Savvy B2C, B2B, and DTC companies can grow their product subscriptions by focusing on offering value, flexible and convenient self-management, and customer discounts and promotions.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

Elevate Customer Care Beyond the Buy Button

Empower effortless self-management and enhanced customer support with our SaaS subscription management solution.

  • Empower reps to swap products, update accounts, and offer discounts in one user-friendly interface.
  • Enable customers to pause, skip, adjust delivery frequency, or cancel subscriptions hassle-free.
  • Minimize delays by narrowing the gap between payment and shipping dates for physical subscriptions.
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Capability Spotlight

Manage Individual Continuity Orders

If a customer needs to make a change to their next continuity order, but it does not need to persist for all future orders, then you can make a one-time update to the subscription. This update will be applied to the subscription’s next continuity order, but will not persist to all future orders.

  • Update shipping details for one order
  • Add an item to the upcoming shipment only
  • Apply a coupon to the next shipment only


Subscription Management for B2B

Secure Revenue and Streamline B2B Subscription Commerce

Prevent revenue leakage while simplifying B2B subscription management.

  • Automate the subscription lifecycle, from quote to cash, and ensure replenishment with account-specific pricing.
  • Empower customers to conveniently bundle products and services into a single quote for easy approval.
  • Gain a holistic view of order history, including fixed, one-time, recurring, and consumption-based charges.


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