ROI Calculator for Composable Commerce

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator for Composable Commerce

Operational efficiency, increased revenue and cost savings, and streamlined day-to-day business management are just a few of the benefits business and technology leaders can gain with composable commerce.

Explore the potential benefits of leveraging Kibo’s composable commerce platform for order management, commerce and subscriptions commerce for your business with our tailored ROI calculator. The results generated can form the foundation for strategic discussions with your teammates and assist in securing executive buy-in.

The Value of Composable Commerce

Kibo is the only composable, microservices-based platform to simplify the complexities of delivering modern customer experiences that span Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscription technologies.

Drive Operational Efficiency

From reducing inventory costs and call center calls to improving productivity across business and technical teams, you can drive operational efficiencies while gaining end-to-end visibility.

Increase Revenue

In addition to improving business metrics such as site traffic, performance, conversions, and AOV, you can improve operating margin through more efficient order routing, reduce lost sales, and improve attachment rates.

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Unified Commerce

Leveraging a single platform for all of your commerce, order management, and subscriptions needs versus individual solutions can drive even greater operational efficiencies and revenue generation due to productivity and cost savings.

Calculate Your ROI Impact with Kibo Commerce

See how your revenue, operational efficiency, and day-to-day business could be impacted.

Simply fill out the calculator below by inputting your current company, including your solution interest(s), and inputs based on the sliding scale of assumptions. Then, download your brief for an estimate of ROI you could achieve with Kibo for composable commerce.

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We can walk you through how Kibo Commerce can have a positive impact on your business.

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