Bi-Mart Achieves 200% Increase in Conversion Rate with BOPIS

Bi-Mart Achieves 200% Increase in Conversion Rate with BOPIS

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Company Overview

About Bi-Mart

Offering shoppers the convenience of buying online and picking up in-store (BOPIS) has become a crucial strategy for omnichannel retailers. Bi-Mart, a popular retail chain operating in the Northwest region of the United States, recognized the importance of implementing BOPIS technologies to meet customer demands. Over a period of nine months, Bi-Mart implemented BOPIS, overcoming challenges and reaping significant benefits in the process.

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The Challenge

Creating a Shoppable Online Experience

The employee-owned company’s brick-and-mortar presence has been around for decades, becoming a pioneer in membership and discount shopping. Bi-Mart focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and valuable experiences to its loyal shoppers. However, as more consumers started their shopping journeys online, the retailer quickly realized it needed a commerce solution that allowed shoppers to browse and buy products before ever stepping into a store.

The Solution

Huge Step Forward with BOPIS

Bi-Mart partnered with Ignitiv to implement Kibo eCommerce in order to enhance their online shopping experience. Previously, customers faced difficulties in checking product availability and completing purchases on the old website. With Kibo and Ignitiv, Bi-Mart improved by providing detailed product information, offering visibility into product availability based on store location and pickup time, and equipping store associates with a user-friendly interface for seamless BOPIS operations. This move was seen as a significant step forward in providing more shopping options to Bi-Mart’s loyal members, empowering their employee stakeholders to enhance the customer experience.

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