IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Order Orchestration and Fulfillment Applications for Retail 2023 Vendor Assessment

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Order Orchestration and Fulfillment Applications for Retail 2023 Vendor Assessment

IDC MarketScape Names Kibo as a Leader for Worldwide Order Orchestration and Fulfillment Applications

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What are retail leaders looking for in an order orchestration and fulfillment solution?

IDC surveyed and spoke with a large number of retail leaders and asked them to name the most important capabilities when evaluating fulfillment and order orchestration solutions. The assessment examines those findings and evaluates order orchestration and fulfillment vendors using a scoring methodology that looks at the product’s offerings, capabilities, and strategies. 

Download the excerpt to get: 

  • Expert advice for retailers looking to modernize their order orchestration and fulfillment processes 
  • Key trends shaping the retail order management landscape 
  • Kibo’s strengths and product strategy 

According to the assessment, “Consider Kibo for continuous innovation and frequent updates without upgrades and if you are taking an ecommerce-first approach and want the ability to quickly leverage inventory, pricing, and promotions across the front-end website and order life cycle.” 

We believe that Kibo is well-equipped to meet the growing need for order orchestration and fulfillment solutions. Kibo Order Management streamlines the entire order life cycle and manages the complexities of omnichannel sales with features like real-time inventory visibility, extensible order routing, and flexible fulfillment options. 

Download the excerpt to learn more, or contact a member of our team to see Kibo’s order management system in action. 

IDC MarketScape Worldwide Order Orchestration and Fulfillment Applications for Retail Vendor Assessment

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