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Quantum Metric: Using Analytics to Design Personalized Customer Experiences

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According to a 2020 Kibo study of online retailers, 75% of organizations used at least “some” advanced personalization. But genuinely personalized experiences come as the result of testing and experimentation, and it’s a huge challenge. How do you create a process that can make fine-grained distinctions within huge data sets, a process that continues to maximize ROI as you build it?

Kibo and Quantum Metric have partnered to bring you “USING ANALYTICS TO DESIGN PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES,” a nine-page guide for more effective experimentation and personalization. In this eBook we address the most relevant issues, including:

  • How can marketers, product managers, and developers optimize use of analytics to segment customers for more effective experimentation?
  • How do you identify and test points of friction, those touchpoints along the customer journey that cause site visitors to bounce, abandon or add fewer items to their carts?
  • What are the tools that industry leaders use to break down data silos and cultivate best practices?

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