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The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study


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How Personalized Commerce Improves ROI

The Rise of Personalized Commerce Study reveals that companies that leverage a personalization strategy across the entire customer lifecycle see higher ROI (300% or more) and are able to quickly pivot to meet changing customer behaviors.

The fourth-annual personalization survey from Kibo Commerce, Monetate, and Certona also finds that among retailers with an end-to-end personalization strategy, half (51%) are receiving these robust returns.

In essence, this data-rich study can help you and your company create a path forward in the personalization realm while setting yourself up for increased agility, and ultimately, higher ROI.

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  • How end-to-end personalization drives higher ROI (3X% or more)
  • Which types of companies use personalization and how
  • How brands like Taco Bell and JoJo Maman Bébé succeed with personalization

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