Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store Study

Buy online, pick up in-store is the cornerstone of omnichannel, yet retailers aren’t meeting expectations.

To better identify how leading retailers are succeeding or struggling, this study mystery shops 30 leading retailers to discover elements of in-store pickup that were consistent between all 30 merchants (in-store pickup must-have requirements) and what areas the retailers could improve. Download this study to view:

  • Study results through the four phases of the study: App purchase, checkout process, post-purchase communication and the in-store experience
  • In-store pickup must-have requirements and recommendations on where you can improve over the study’s retailers
  • Report card to rate your business’s strengths and weaknesses


“A win-win strategy for all involved, in-store pickup helps shoppers get their products quickly and on their schedule, while eliminating shipping expenses and driving in-store sales for retailers. But this increasingly popular fulfillment method requires sophisticated coordination between your retail commerce technology and store associates, making it challenging to implement and maintain.”

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