Personalization And B2B Ecommerce: Delivering On The New, Digitized Selling Relationship

digitized selling b2b ecommerce

Meet customer expectations and retain loyalty in a distracted, impatient, post-Covid world

Written in conjunction with Brian Beck, one of the world’s leading authorities in B2B Ecommerce, this white paper covers the critical nature of delivering hyper-relevant experiences, particularly after COVID. As most now realize, 1-to-1 personal relationships are no longer a competitive differentiator, but a fundamental element of survival. The most advanced B2B firms are working to carefully coordinate customer experiences across every touch point. And the B2B companies that start with a complete understanding of the journey map have the ability to align channels and deliver the right products and information at every step of the B2B buyer journey.

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The paper’s findings will be discussed in a follow-up webinar happening on January 19, 2021, 1pm EST. Register for the webinar here.

About Brian Beck & Beck Ecommerce

Brian Beck is the author of the book Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce, the B2B Ecommerce bible for manufacturers, brands, and distributors. Beck has 20+ years of experience, including more than a decade as a hands-on C-level Ecommerce executive, and is a leading expert in B2B Ecommerce.

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