Modern omnichannel retail software for branded manufacturers and retailers

Allow your teams to work smarter, stay agile, and drive connectivity. Stay ahead of consumer expectations, adapt to changing market conditions, and bring together your marketing, operations, and fulfillment systems to deliver truly personalized customer experiences across all channels with Kibo’s omnichannel retail software.


Deliver connected, personalized experiences throughout your buyer’s digital and in-store journey

Create Personalized, 1:1 Experiences Across Sessions, Devices, and Touchpoints

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Kibo eCommerce software empowers your digital marketing teams to work smarter by quickly creating promotions, landing pages, and marketing content optimized for organic search and paid search conversion—all from a single user interface. Our drag and drop enterprise retail website builder and theming engine makes it easy to create unique brand experiences.

Kibo’s Personalization software takes personalization to new heights through intelligent on-site search and merchandising. Enable your teams to create and optimize personalized content across every buying touchpoint from websites and emails to mobile apps and in-store interfaces, without burdening your IT resources.

Drive Connected, Consistent Experiences Between Digital and In-Store

Kibo Order Management software bridges the online and in-store divide by connecting inventory with your customers in real-time. Create consistent promotions, optimize pricing strategies, and expose product availability regardless of buying channel.

Equip in-store and call center associates with inventory information across your network and customer data to make relevant recommendations. Simplify the challenge of in-store customer experience management by leveraging the Kibo Mobile Point of Commerce (mPOC) solution to provide save-the-sale and endless aisle capabilities.

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Optimize the Multi-Channel Buying Experience

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Consumers demand purchasing options and preferences. Provide your customers with the flexibility of choosing where and how they complete their purchase – on your website, at a partner’s online store, in-person at a reseller, or with an associate in your retail store – by optimizing multi-channel buying.

Kibo eCommerce software provides persistent omnichannel shopping cart experiences, engaging checkouts, and seamless integrations with 3rd party payment options for purchasing ease on your eCommerce website or mobile channels.

For manufacturers, Kibo Order Management solutions quickly enable your customers to find and purchase products through dealer locator and local product search capabilities. Equip call center agents with pricing, promotion, and tax information to take new orders or up-sell new line items over the phone or live chat channels.

To facilitate in-store purchases, Kibo Mobile Point of Commerce (mPOC) solution supports associates for completing sales on-the-go or on the floor with native mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) functionality.

Flexible, Customer Driven Order Fulfillment

Whether you identify yourself as a branded manufacturer or retailer, Kibo’s Order Management solution powers agile selling with seamless omnichannel order fulfillment like buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), ship from store, vendor drop ship, available-to-promise, and return to store programs. Connect your ecosystem of distributed warehouses, dealer networks, fulfillment partners, retail stores to optimize the profitability of eCommerce fulfillment and drive the best customer experience for your business.

Unified order processing, flexible sourcing optimization, and order routing intelligence allows your teams to adapt to changing supply chain or store environments, while staying ahead of customer expectations for order fulfillment speed and options.

Gain visibility and take advantage of all available inventory by connecting it with your customers, resellers, and stores—resulting in increased online conversion and in-store foot traffic.

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Scalable, omnichannel retail software enabling flexibility, agility, and extensibility

  • Multi-Tenant – Always Have The Latest Technology

    Kibo provides true enterprise software-as-a-service technology for rapid deployment and simplified maintenance—allowing you to focus on your business. Automatic software upgrades ensure your organization is always current on the latest technology, capabilities, and features.

    Eliminate the headache of costly upgrades, updates, and infrastructure costs with our hosted cloud-based approach.

  • Extensible – Simplify Integrations

    The most developer and partner-friendly commerce platform in the industry. Kibo’s omnichannel commerce platform provides APIs and SDKs to quickly develop your unique, customized eCommerce experience in the program language of your choice.
    Simplify integrations with internal systems or take advantage of several pre-built, one-click install applications from leading third party partners. It truly is the most developer-friendly commerce platform in the industry—allowing you to choose the systems and partners that work for your business.
    The Kibo Dev Center provides resources and development tools allowing front and back-end developers to manage the entire lifecycle of sites, including theme development, integrations, custom applications, pre-production testing and deployment—without a huge learning curve.

  • Agile – Change and Scale At Your Pace

    Kibo’s technology provides controllable commerce—enabling your teams to choose the platform modules of your choice and scale at your pace. User friendly interfaces empower teams to quickly implement new features, roll out new promotions, or optimize content without reliance on IT, third-party partners, or expensive resources.
    Kibo’s omnichannel commerce platform consists of software solutions for eCommerce, order management, personalization, and mobile point of commerce (mPOC). Start with one module or replatform your entire commerce approach—either way, know agility is built into the platform.

  • Secure – Rest Easy With Your Commerce Operations

    Kibo takes security seriously with multi-layer processes and 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured your commerce operations are secure. The platform is designed to provide 99.9% uptime, even during peak and holiday seasons where volumes can be significantly higher. Kibo’s platform is tested annually for PCI-DSS Attestation and SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliance.
    All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with daily backups and comprehensive disaster recovery practices. With Kibo, your IT and Security Teams can rest assured.

  • Intelligent – Understand and Respond To Your Customers

    Kibo builds intelligence into the platform. Our customer experience hub leverages predictive algorithms and big data to scale 1:1, individualized experiences for each customer. By combining browsing and purchase behavior, customer attributes, and customer preferences, the platform enables your organization to create seamless experiences across any device, session, or touchpoint.

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