Why A Great User Interface Is Important To Your Business

Why A Great User Interface Is Important To Your Business

Why A Great User Interface Is Important To Your Business

Martin LeBlanc rose to internet fame after he tweeted these words: A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

No matter if we consciously notice it or not, design has a big impact on all of us every day.  From the cars we drive, the chairs we sit on, or the programs we use, design touches us daily. Here in the land of commerce and software platforms, we couldn’t agree more with Martin’s sentiments.

That’s why we have created UIs that you can easily navigate. Our platforms for eCommerce, store fulfillment, order queues, customer care, mPOC, and in-store retail associate platforms show our belief in Martin’s words.

Here we have three values we find in a great user interface:

Our eCommerce sites provide an easy path to purchase while still allowing the consumer to continue browsing if they so wish. View the example of Kibo client Gund’s navigation and notice the breadcrumbs. Navigation gets customers from point A to point B, from Point B back to Point A, to Point C, D, E, etc., easily hoping around and making their web browser’s history hustle to keep up.  Customers want to have the flexibility to be able to spend time on an eCommerce website exploring and discovering, and they also want to be able to get in and get out. Navigation is a key value in a great user interface, and provides a great experience for the customer, helping them to come back time and time again.

2. Intuitive Internal User Interfaces
Here at Kibo we provide many different user interfaces that one of your team members may use. We have everything from order queues on the backend, fulfiller platforms for partners, mPOS for line busting and saving the sale, and retail associate platforms to fulfill orders in store. An intuitive interface brings a lot to the table. For one, frustration levels go way down. Intuitive movements bring the user to a successful end, without any pain in the process. An often not-talked about benefit of an intuitive UI is the saving of time and training costs. This is the money saver. When a UI is intuitive, any employee can jump right in and complete tasks with little training on the interface. With the average turnover rate of retail associates at 5% a month, it’s imperative that the UIs provided are easy to use, because there isn’t always time to train someone every time you get a new associate through your doors.Particularly as retailers and branded manufacturers look to their busy seasons, it’s imperative to be able to drastically cut down on training time for seasonal hires. As we all know, the faster an employee is trained, the quicker they can get to work and become a viable part of the team. Never underestimate the importance of an intuitive UI.

3. They work. They function properly. They get it done.
But what you really want are for software programs to WORK. They need to be responsive to any device. They need to load quickly. They need to be pleasing to the eye. And, if you have multiple user interfaces, you want them all to act, look, and feel similar. Take for example our B2B eCommerce solution. Like our B2C, it has strong customer facing navigation and search that makes it easy to provide a B2B experience that is exactly like a B2C eCommerce shopping experience.A great user interface allows you to get your job done quickly and efficiently. Let us show you our user interfaces, and find out what Kibo can do for you.

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