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Provide more engaging in-store experience with integrated, cross-platform mobile solutions designed to enable customer care, in-store fulfillment, and save-the-sale strategies.

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Supercharge your sales associates with Kibo Point of Sale. Your sales associates will save sales by viewing available inventory and selecting the customer's preferred fulfillment method; save time by processing mobile transactions; and gather valuable customer information you can leverage later for marketing.

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Key Functionality of Kibo Point of Sale

Mobile Selling and FulfillmentHow it Works


Kibo POS integrates with your instance of Kibo Order Management solution or Personalized Commerce Cloud platform.


Select the mobile devices that are right for your business, including phones, tablets, pin pads, and scanning devices.


Download the native iOS application or build custom applications with Kibo’s mobile SDK.

You’re in Good Company

When we launched our BOPIS program, we wanted to make sure that our stores were picking the right items for our customers. Our previous internal system was paper based, and a lot of times we picked the wrong things. Now we have electronic devices with full color pictures, and they’ve worked out very well. The stores like them, order prep is faster, and there are fewer mistakes.

Paul Aymond

Senior Director of Applications

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