Unified Cart and Checkout

Centrally manage the buying process and deliver a unified checkout experience. Customers shopping across all of your channels can pick up where they left off and receive consistent pricing, discounts, and promotions.

Kibo makes it easy by allowing you to manage the workflow for active shopping carts, checkouts, submitted orders, wishlists, returns, and B2B quotes.

Elevate the Checkout Experience

Cart and Checkout Key Features

Unified Cart and Checkout

Kibo Named the Leader

Learn why Kibo was named the Leader of B2C Commerce Solutions after being assessed across Forrester’s 27-criterion evaluation of B2C commerce solutions providers.

Industry Findings And InsightsUnified Commerce’s 7X Impact on Revenue

Companies with unified commerce were 600% more likely to see higher revenue than their peers during pandemic.

User Guides

Read our User Guides to get the most out of the Kibo platform. Learn more about the features and capabilities, such as Catalog, Customers, Fulfillment, Inventory, Orders, and much more.

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