Maintain Complete Control with unmatched site & content management

Intuitive Site Builder

With user friendly publishing tools and a drag-and-drop interface, Kibo eCommerce allows teams to make changes to the site in just a few clicks without requiring IT assistance.

  • Modify the layout, create new content or rebrand the entire site in just a few days
  • Create attention grabbing landing pages with out-of-the-box features or custom widgets
  • Empower non-technical teams to create landing pages or microsites, adjust site navigation, add multi-media and more without deciphering lines of code
  • Develop drag-and-drop widgets for quick site customizations such as social media and image rendering

Built-In SEO to Drive Search Results

Ensure your site is found and prominently displayed on search engines with responsive designs and page layouts optimized for SEO. Work with Kibo’s digital marketing and customer success services teams to grow visibility and push beyond your competition.

Built-in SEO features include:

  • URL routing customizations
  • Auto generated or custom XML maps
  • Customizable page titles and descriptions
  • Automatic mobile optimization

Built-In Content Management System

The fully integrated CMS allows site content to be updated quickly, without involving IT—enabling eCommerce and Marketing teams to get more done, faster.

  • Accomplish more by reducing site maintenance time
  • Have more control with scheduled launches of site versions
  • Unlimited sandboxes for limitless experimentation

Powerful Theming Engine

Own site behavior and visual style, controlling 100% of what shoppers see. Kibo’s unique Hypr theme engine works hand-in-hand with the content management system, improving ease-of-use on the back-end while giving customers the best experience possible.

  • Automatically create responsive or adaptive mobile sites that have a consistent look and feel to your traditional desktop site
  • Save time and eliminate redundant files through the robust inheritance model
  • Provide a better experience by running the same templates on the server and client side
  • Give theme developers total control over a store’s appearance

With Kibo eCommerce and Personalization, we have improved our customer shopping experiences on for double digit growth, two years in a row.

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450+ Innovative Brands Trust Kibo

Experience the Kibo Difference

Kibo empowers retailers and branded manufacturers to achieve optimal performance of B2C and B2B commerce through unified consumer experiences. With over 40 years of innovations, Kibo provides a complete omnichannel commerce platform by leveraging cloud technologies, individualized buying experiences, and true enterprise scale. Kibo enables you to reach higher peaks of sales and consumer loyalty. No matter the challenge, Kibo powers your success.

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