COVID-19 Resources

Kibo, Monetate, and Certona built this resource center based on key learnings from our client base and thousands of datapoints to help you map out a strategy that centers around COVID readiness and next-stage strategies.

Covid-19's Impact Key Industry Insights


Internal Monetate data shows that the gardening industry has seen a 64 percent increase in pageviews attributable to COVID

Covid-19's Impact Key Industry Insights


Monetate monitoring shows that stores operating across the Electronics, Home Goods, and Department Stores categories have seen a 22 percent spike in purchases when compared to this time last year

Covid-19's Impact Key Industry Insights

April 13

Starting the week of April 13, the fashion industry has started to see a rebound in onsite traffic after an initial drop—traffic rose 22 percent right around when shoppers in the United States received their stimulus checks

Help and support Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kibo Adequately Prepared To Meet COVID-19's Impact?

Yes! Kibo prides itself on being a modern technology company with a robust infrastructure and a flexible work environment in place. Also, given that our technology is cloud-native, we do not anticipate any impact to our client engagement or responsiveness to client needs.

What's The Best Way Of Staying In Touch With Kibo?

As always, clients can continue to submit support requests through your dedicated portal. If you’d like to kick off a conversation with a Kibo expert, our chat module is available in the bottom-right corner. Shoot your questions away!

What Other Resources Are You Offering?

We have a range of virtual events, webinars, and new guides in the works. So please make sure to circle back regularly to engage with those new initiatives as they become available. You can also stay up to date on wider retail trends by visiting our Reports & Analysis section.

For expert guidance on the COVID-19 outbreak itself, please visit the WHO website. Additionally, the National Retail Federation has collated a very useful list of Coronavirus Resources for Retailers.

How Easy Is It To Transition To Contactless Pickup?

Given social distancing measures, many retailers are considering pivoting to curbside pickup or other touchless pickup options to meet customer needs. And we’re happy to report that a transition is very easy to execute: if you already have BOPIS in place, the switch can happen in a matter of days! Read our step-by-step guide to see if curbside pickup is right for you.

We're Here to Help Retailers, Brands & Manufacturers

Our ability and desire to serve you remains unchanged. And given that there are a number of elements that companies can still control, even during a state of flux, we wanted to provide tactical and empowering content to lean on as you build out your response plans.