Your Guide to a Headless eCommerce RFP + Free RFP Template 

Your Guide to a Headless eCommerce RFP + Free RFP Template 

Your Guide to a Headless eCommerce RFP + Free RFP Template 

Whether you’ve been relying on a legacy or homegrown system, upgrading your technology stack with a headless eCommerce solution is a time-consuming and complex task. But with a clear and professional request for proposal (RFP), you can improve the likelihood of finding a vendor that can meet your business and technical needs in the desired timeframe and budget.

Kibo’s free RFP template for headless eCommerce solutions streamlines the process and focuses on selecting a vendor that best suits your eCommerce requirements.

The ideal headless eCommerce RFP

The ideal RFP helps vendors understand your business and technical requirements and determine if they can execute against those needs. An RFP should:

  • Define your project and its requirements
  • Provide an overview of the company
  • Provide background history on the project
  • Detail how vendors should respond, note timelines, and outline selection criteria

By providing vendors with a set of standard questions, you can easily compare and assess vendors.  And don’t forget to research vendors who have a forward-focused roadmap that will take you into the future of commerce in a stable, powerful, and lucrative partnership.

Download Kibo’s free headless eCommerce RFP template

Kibo’s headless eCommerce RFP template includes more than 100 suggested questions to help you narrow down vendors and ensure you find the best solution. It’s an editable Excel sheet, allowing you to add, modify, or remove questions.

Key sections of Kibo’s headless eCommerce RFP template include:

  • Company and project overview and objectives
  • RFP and project timeline
  • RFP conditions
  • Basic information about the vendor
  • Details around the product and its future development
  • Requirements broken down by function

Because an RFP is an official document, it’s important to cite the reasons for the request in as much detail as possible. Kibo’s free template makes this process quick and easy.

You can also use this RFP template to select the final set of vendors you invite for an in-person or virtual interview and demonstration.

This template has been designed for B2B and B2C companies searching for a headless eCommerce platform that can scale seamlessly and deliver consistent omnichannel customer experiences.

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Kibo RFP Template for Headless eCommerce Solutions

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