Kibo Releases Episode #2 of Talking Shop: What is Composable Commerce?

Kibo Releases Episode #2 of Talking Shop: What is Composable Commerce?

Kibo Releases Episode #2 of Talking Shop: What is Composable Commerce?

Kibo is excited to release our second episode of our video chat series, “Talking Shop.”

In this episode, we explore one of the newest buzzwords in our industry, composable commerce.

So, what is composable commerce exactly?

In a nutshell, composability is a way of doing business that enables companies to easily assemble or disassemble different parts of their operating capabilities as their needs change. The goal of composability is to help businesses scale, innovate, and adapt without constantly recreating their entire technology infrastructure. Gartner in late 2020 also defined this concept by stating that, “Composable business means creating an organization made from interchangeable building blocks.”

But, what does composability mean for merchandisers and retailers today? That’s the topic on the minds of Kibo Sr. Director of Go-to-Market Sales Enablement Alexis Hail and Kibo Sr. Sales Engineer AJ Leale in our second episode.

Check out Episode #2 below to witness their chat about composability and what makes it different from a more traditional approach to building a commerce tech stack. They also discuss if composable is a fit for all merchandisers, and offer some valuable insights into composability. Stay tuned in the new few weeks as we explore more topics around composable commerce in future episodes of “Talking Shop.”

What is “Talking Shop?”

“Talking Shop” is an informal, relaxed, coffee chat-style series, featuring conversations between various industry thought leaders from Kibo and from our industry partners and friends. The goal of this new series is to feature timely and topical discussions about current trends and issues impacting retail and eCommerce today.

To catch up on past episodes, visit the Talking Shop page on Kibo’s website.

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