Critical 5 Technologies Reshaping the Shopping Experience

March 4, 2016

Retail technology continues to evolve at an astonishing pace. With innovation after innovation appearing on the market at mind-numbing speed, retailers and brand manufacturers are faced with the difficult decision of deciding which technologies will have the greatest impact across the enterprise – and on the bottom line – in the year ahead.

What are the top five technologies slated to make the most significant impact over the next year? According to RIS News, the five technologies to watch are:

Technology No. 1: Leveraging Social Media

Thanks to enhancements in social media platforms such as “buy” buttons and analytics tools, merchants are now able to monetize their social media content.

Technology No. 2: The Real-Time Store

As in-store and online shopping experiences converge, a blended, seamless shopping experience is emerging.

Technology No. 3: A Personalized Shopping Experience

Retailers and brand manufacturers are combining customer rewards and loyalty programs while introducing in-store mobile apps for a tailored experience.

Technology No. 4: Smarter Fulfillment (A Kibo favorite!)

Having both a strong physical location and online presence provides a competitive advantage, especially as shoppers continue to expect fast and varied delivery options.

Technology No. 5: Science-Based Merchandise Planning

With customer engagement emerging as a key strategic challenge, retailers must rethink their merchandise planning systems and processes.

Dive into each of these technologies in more depth in this special report, as well glean tips and tricks from leading retailers who are using these technologies well.  Read the RIS News special report in its entirety here: Critical 5 Technologies Reshaping Retail.