Order Management System

Order Management Software that Provides Intelligent Order Routing and Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Optimize Order Fulfillment to Drive Seamless Customer Experiences

Distributed order management system connects inventory across your ecosystem to your customers in real-time—enabling flexible, convenient, and cost-efficient delivery.

Customer Driven Order Fulfillment

Your customers demand to receive products quickly and cheaply. Kibo’s distributed order management software enhances the customer experience by surfacing product inventory across distributed warehouses, dealer networks, or resellers to provide flexible order fulfillment options.

  • Save Costs: Ship from nearby locations to reduce shipping fees
  • Faster Product Delivery: Leverage local stores as distribution centers
  • Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty: Provide order fulfillment choices to increase conversion
  • Expand Online Product Mix: Utilize store inventory in online product offerings
Kibo Order Management System - Omnichannel Fulfillment Software
Kibo Order Management Software - Omnichannel Fulfillment Software

Connect the Online and In-Store Experience

Quickly implement popular distributed order management and order fulfillment strategies to bridge the gap between online and in-store. Leverage your online presence to drive in-store foot traffic—resulting in increased sales and improved brand loyalty. Kibo OMS software makes it easy to implement the omnichannel order fulfillment use cases that suit your business needs.

  • Buy Online, Pickup In-Store (BOPIS): Increase online sales and in-store upsell opportunities
  • Ship-From-Store: Expand online product mix by utilizing in-store inventory management systems
  • In-Store Returns: Increase consumer confidence and drive online conversion
  • Ship-to-Store: Offer convenience and savings while driving in-store foot traffic
  • Vendor Drop Ship: Reduce inventory costs and energize your ecosystem

Become the Agile Seller

Leverage Kibo’s distributed order management system as a competitive advantage by driving agility into your operations and supply chain. Profitably manage orders by quickly responding to changing inventory, store conditions, or unpredictable market shifts. Make the appropriate tradeoffs between customer service levels, order fulfillment costs, and shipping site capacity with rule-based order sourcing.

  • Distributed Order Fulfillment: Messaging, interfaces, and statuses to fulfill orders through any location
  • Configurable and Flexible Workflows: Accelerate rollout of new process workflows and increase inventory turns
  • Rapid Response and Decision Making: Intuitive, business user friendly applications reduce reliance on technical resources to make routing changes
Kibo Order Management System - Omnichannel Fulfillment Software
Kibo Order Management System - Omnichannel Fulfillment Software

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Kibo’s distributed order management software eliminates inventory data silos to enable intelligent decision making. Quickly identify slow moving inventory, avoid the wrong price markdowns, and ensure your customers never experience “out of stock” again. With Kibo OMS software, your teams are equipped with the tools they need to work smarter.

  • Available-to-Promise Inventory: Leverage global, aggregated views of real-time inventory to drive optimal order fulfillment strategies
  • Intelligent Order Routing: Leverage advanced logic to prioritize the “best” fulfillment locations
  • Integration and Extensibility: Connect with extended fulfillment networks to source orders from third party warehouses or stores

Using stores for order fulfillment has really helped us solve for channel conflict. Initially, our retailers were concerned that we were going direct to consumer. We got them to understand that we want to include them in the process and we want to use them for fulfillment on our behalf. It’s fantastic—a real win-win situation for us.

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