Kibo Announces Strategic Partnership With Alloy Automation To Expand Pre-Built Integrations And Accelerate Commerce Delivery

Kibo Announces Strategic Partnership With Alloy Automation To Expand Pre-Built Integrations And Accelerate Commerce Delivery

DALLAS – July 13, 2023 – Kibo Commerce, a market leader in composable unified commerce solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Alloy Automation, a next-generation iPaaS platform, to expand Kibo’s integration capabilities and provide customers with a seamless, connected commerce experience. This collaboration allows Kibo to offer a wider range of pre-built integrations, empowering businesses to accelerate their time-to-market and deliver exceptional omnichannel commerce experiences.

Unique clients have unique requirements spanning a variety of integrations. By partnering with Alloy, Kibo can now offer a more comprehensive suite of pre-built integrations that spans categories such as ERP, CRM, loyalty, customer support, email/marketing automation, intelligence, logistics, and additional commerce platforms, such as Shopify Plus. This partnership will eliminate the burden on customers to integrate their various tools while ensuring a faster and smoother implementation process.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of providing an extensible platform that enables seamless integration with any tool our customers desire,” said Ram Venkataraman, Chief Executive Officer at Kibo. “With Alloy’s vast integration and automation capabilities, we can now accelerate our customers’ ability to deliver commerce without compromising on quality or time-to-market.”

The alliance with Alloy additionally marks a significant boost in Kibo’s overall technology partnership strategy. Recently, Kibo proudly announced it joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, along with its ongoing efforts to establish partnerships with other technology platforms.

“The strategic collaboration with Alloy expands Kibo’s integration capabilities and opens doors to new market segments,” said Alloy’s CEO and Co-Founder Sara Du. “Kibo can now better cater to customers who use other commerce platforms like Magento and BigCommerce, allowing for seamless integration with Kibo’s order management system.”

Venkataraman adds, “We have been focused on expanding our partner network, introducing new integrations, and enhancing resources for our valued SI and agency partners. Kibo Academy and our upcoming partner portal offer training, certification, and go-to-market enablement materials which further demonstrate our commitment to fostering collaboration and empowering our customers and partners.”

To learn more about Kibo’s partnership with Alloy and explore the extensive range of pre-built integrations, please visit our website.

About Kibo

Kibo Commerce is a composable digital commerce platform for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers who want to simplify the complexity in their businesses and deliver modern customer experiences. We are the only modular commerce platform supporting experiences that span Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscriptions. Companies like Zwilling, Ace Hardware, and Coastal Construction trust Kibo to bring simplicity and sophistication to commerce operations and exceed customer expectations.

About Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation is a next-generation integration and workflow orchestration platform trusted by leading product teams at the likes of Amazon, Gorgias, Postscript, and others. Founded in 2019 and with a globally distributed team, Alloy Automation is backed by a16z, Bain Capital Ventures, and Y Combinator. 

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David Libby for Kibo

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