Customer And Order Servicing

Take care of your customers before, during, and after the sale.

Kibo Order Management provides a highly-flexible interface for your fulfillment partners, customer care teams, and store associates, so they can access inventory, manage orders, complete sales, and provide great customer service from any device.

What Kibo’s Customer And Order Servicing Can Do For You

Customer And Order Servicing

Customer Care

The Customer Care interface is a suite of customer care management tools that allows merchants to handle customer support in-house or through a 3rd party provider. Enable customer service representatives to drive meaningful interactions that enhances your brand identity:​

Kibo’s Customer Care interface enables retailers to:

  • View customer profiles, order, payment, and shipping details
  • Access and adjust inventory without disruption
  • Manage, edit, and reassign items from orders
  • Add custom order notes to track interactions with customers
  • Create and process returns and appeasements
  • Complete sales
  • Edit account information
  • And more
Customer And Order Servicing

Technical Details

  • Kibo Marketplace for integration with 3rd-party services
  • Accessible API Extensions as a Service framework to develop custom applications
  • Open-source SDKs to code in your preferred language
  • Kibo Dev Center for developers to manage Kibo assets
  • API-first architecture built to integrate in your tech stack
  • Microservices model for flexible deployment and scaling
  • Multitenant cloud hosting for automatic, hassle-free updates

Take Care Of Customers Pre- And Post-Sale

Empower your service teams and improve service satisfaction with Kibo.

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