Message From the CEO: Kibo Stands for Equality and Change

June 4, 2020

Communities across the nation are experiencing unrest in many ways due to a series of recent events, which culminated in the tragic death of George Floyd. His death is representative of an issue with which we, as a society, continue to wrestle. To quote an editorial that I read this week, “Racial inequality remains rampant in wealth, housing, employment, education—and enforcement of the law.” That inequality, and the many ways in which it continues to manifest, is rightfully causing individuals to speak out and protest. We all need to do our part to change society for the better on both a personal and professional level. As individuals, this is done through civic engagement and protest; as companies, this is done through instituting policies and practices to help address those inequalities.

How Does Kibo Action Change?

Kibo will continue to maintain a stance against inequality and any related outcomes from bias. Focusing on diverse and inclusive hiring practices, and accompanying career maturation, is core to our talent beliefs. 

We will also continue to implement approaches and best practices that will enable us to lead by example. Within the community, we’re focused on creating access to key best practices, tools, and market intelligence to the historically disenfranchised. Kibo accomplishes this, in part, by educating and creating awareness alongside offering pricing incentives that benefit minority-owned businesses (MBEs, MWBEs, DBE/SBE, and VBEs) within our verticals.

In closing, we’re acutely aware of what’s unfolding in our communities and how it impacts our team members, partners, and clients. We need to continue to come together to address the ongoing issue of racial inequality in our society in a constructive manner, whether in the workplace or in our respective communities. 

And, we hope that you will join us in our Stand for Equality and Change.


David Post, Chief Executive Officer 
Kibo Commerce