Real-Time Global Inventory Visibility

In order to be successful in today’s complex retail environment, retailers need to have a real-time view of inventory availability that’s centralized across channels.

Kibo Order Management provides a centralized view of your inventory across distribution centers, retail stores, and vendor locations in real time, so you can confidently ship products to consumers efficiently from anywhere in your supply chain.

What Kibo’s Global Inventory Visibility Can Do For You

Real-Time Global Inventory Visibility

Global Inventory Visibility & Management

With Kibo, inventory is made visible enterprise-wide, allowing you to track the available, on-hand, on-reserve, on-backorder quantities for each and every product. Inventory can be viewed by product or location, and for each location safety stock and floor values can be configured to manage inventory turn and mitigate markdowns. Backorders and preorder management enables you to quickly and efficiently get products to customers as quickly as possible to maintain your brand promise.

Inventory Visibility Improves CX For Mizuno USA

Keith Neely, VP of Operations and eCommerce for Mizuno USA, details how Kibo’s Order Management capabilities have helped improve CX by surfacing local products online and providing an accurate representation of stock at time of purchase.

Real-Time Global Inventory Visibility

Inventory Segmentation

Manage multi-channel inventory controls by segmenting your inventory for regions, purposes, and channels. By allowing inventory records able to be categorized or segmented, Kibo enables you to map inventory to the types of orders they can be promised to in order to optimize your fulfillment plans and reduce costs.

Real-Time Global Inventory Visibility

Configurable Available-to-Promise (ATP)

“Out of stock” is the byproduct of a retailer or manufacturer segmenting their inventory. The more inventory is segmented, the higher the risk of each segment showing a product is out of stock. Kibo dissolves the silos of segmentation, freeing up all inventory to be sold everywhere.

Inventory available-to-promise is a single source of real-time inventory data serving all omnichannel customer touchpoints: eCommerce, retail stores, and customer call centers. With APIs, inventory ATP informs consumer delivery abilities in real time.

Real-Time Global Inventory Visibility

Technical Details

  • Kibo Marketplace for integration with 3rd-party services
  • Accessible API Extensions as a Service framework to develop custom applications
  • Open-source SDKs to code in your preferred language
  • Kibo Dev Center for developers to manage Kibo assets
  • API-first architecture built to integrate in your tech stack
  • Microservices model for flexible deployment and scaling
  • Multitenant cloud hosting for automatic, hassle-free updates

Gain Real-Time Inventory Visibility

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