Distributed Order Routing

The rapid changes to the retail environment has made agility and flexibility a top priority. The ability to quickly shift inventory intelligently results in more positive experiences for your customers and higher profitability for your organization.

Fulfill faster with Kibo Order Management’s flexible, smart order routing engine while also minimizing costs.

What Kibo’s Distributed Order Routing Can Do For You

Smart Order Routing

Intelligent Order Routing Engine

Kibo’s advanced order routing engine lets retailers easily group and prioritize their fulfillment locations to operate the most efficient fulfillment model possible.​

Our smart order routing engine enables retailers to:

  • Define & manage omnichannel fulfillment locations
  • Represent, organize, and prioritize diverse inventory locations
  • Optimize fulfillment in just a few clicks, based on variables including labor or carrier cost, distance, product velocity, and more
Smart Order Routing

Routing Rule Management

Kibo offers deep and highly customizable rulesets that let you optimize your fulfillment plan in the way that meets your business needs. Prioritize by inventory turn, vendor partners, store locations, and more. Potential fulfillers within a group of locations can be prioritized based on multiple metrics, even your own custom logic. Kibo will always seek the best location for fulfillment based on the available inventory in the location within the rules that you define.

Smart Order Routing

Order Splitting

Kibo manages your exceptions automatically, taking the manual effort out of order splitting. Orders may be split automatically into multiple shipments based on the rules you define. You can limit the number of splits, and let Kibo automatically orchestrate the orders to keep your customers satisfied.

Smart Order Routing

Unlimited Staged Rulesets

Plan, test, and prepare for any scenario with unlimited staged routing rule collections. Test strategies and plan for specific scenarios by creating staged environments that emulate how your orders will be routed. Once a stage is set up, push it live with a single click, all through the self-service routing UI.

Smart Order Routing

Technical Details

  • Kibo Marketplace for integration with 3rd-party services
  • Accessible API Extensions as a Service framework to develop custom applications
  • Open-source SDKs to code in your preferred language
  • Kibo Dev Center for developers to manage Kibo assets
  • API-first architecture built to integrate in your tech stack
  • Microservices model for flexible deployment and scaling
  • Multitenant cloud hosting for automatic, hassle-free updates

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