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Product Data Optimized For eCommerce

Empowering retailers to turn product data from a liability into a strategic asset.

The Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform leverages enriched product attribute data to improve product findability and relevancy, and offers actionable insights that fuel growth across your entire eCommerce ecosystem. The platform consists of two products, Edgecase Enrich and Edgecase Insights, which work together to optimize product data for e-commerce performance.

Edgecase Enrich is proprietary technology designed to execute product attribution at scale with unprecedented speed and quality. Retailers are empowered to nimbly execute and expand on e-commerce strategies with enriched product vocabulary that better aligns with shopper vernacular, and helps them find what they are looking for in their own words.

The Edgecase Insights analytics dashboard delivers the intelligence needed to better understand how shoppers are interacting with product data at the attribute level, where the most robust learnings live and other analytics tools can’t access. Insights provides interactive analysis with product data to provide a detailed understanding of how attribution strategies are impacting top-line performance metrics including engagement rate, conversion, AOV, and RPV.


  • Strategy Workbench
  • Library
  • Curation Engine
  • Quality Control Panel
  • Interactive Analytics Dashboard
  • Usage Reporting

About Edgecase

Edgecase was recently acquired by GroupBy Inc., please check back for more information.

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Additional Development Requirements:

  • An account with Edgecase is required.
  • Additional customization is required.

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