Shoptalk 2024 Recap: AI, Unified Retail, and Breaking Data Silos

Shoptalk 2024 Recap: AI, Unified Retail, and Breaking Data Silos

The Kibo team at Shoptalk

The Kibo team headed to Las Vegas March 17-20 for Shoptalk, an annual conference that brings together retail leaders, innovators, and technologists to discuss the latest trends, insights, and what the industry’s future looks like. During the event, the Kibo team was busy giving product demos, meeting with partners, having client discussions, and connecting during the Golden Knights versus Tampa Bay Lightning game. 

In this blog post, we’ll recap the event and some of the most talked about trends that came to light during Shoptalk. 

Partner Collaborations, Demos, and Hockey 

From demos and partner collabs to ‘Shoptalk on Ice,’ there were plenty of activities for the Kibo team at Shoptalk. 

Kibo booth at Shoptalk

Kibo Booth Activities:  

  • Kibo showcased their Order Management, eCommerce, and Subscription Commerce solutions.  
  • Attendees were treated to smoothies, snacks, and refreshments. 

Partner Collaborations: 

  • In partnership with Insider, Logicbroker, Akeneo, and Amplience, Kibo had a “build your own composable tech stack” passport program. Attendees could pick up a passport from Kibo or participating vendors, walk the Shoptalk floor, and collect stamps. Participants had a chance to win a YETI cooler, a GoPro HERO11, and $100 gift cards for ACE Hardware, ZWILLING J.A. Henckels LLC, and more.
  • Kibo teamed up with Cognizant to bring together clients, partners, and industry leaders for a night of hockey, or what we’re calling: Shoptalk on Ice!

Kibo ad on hockey game jumbotron

Trends & Insights Shaping the Future of Retail 

Over four days of insightful sessions and engaging discussions, key themes emerged, offering a roadmap for retailers to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Embracing AI and Enhancing Retail Experiences 

The inaugural day of Shoptalk 2024 focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize retail operations and customer experiences. Tapestry, Walmart, COS, and Mattress Firm emphasized the importance of empathetic AI adoption, emphasizing the need to remove friction and prioritize good data for successful implementation. 

Moreover, PacSun highlighted the significance of catering to Gen Z consumers through multi-channel experiences, including innovative initiatives like accepting crypto payments and partnering with platforms like Roblox. Brand building emerged as another crucial aspect, with companies like Brilliant Earth and Frida emphasizing authenticity and purpose-driven content creation.

Customer Loyalty 

During the session “Checkout, Loyalty, and Post-Purchase Experiences,” various solution providers discussed how they’re helping companies bolster customer loyalty. Some areas they’re focusing on are operations, consumer credit, product and shipping protection, resale strategies, and soliciting customer feedback. 

Hang and Nfinite highlighted the shift towards personalized loyalty programs, emphasizing the need to deliver rewards that resonate with individual customers. Collaboration emerged as a recurring theme, with companies like PepsiCo stressing the importance of breaking down silos to innovate and meet evolving consumer expectations. 

Innovations and Market Expansion 

The final day of Shoptalk 2024 focused on innovations in retail, including AI-driven marketing and immersive customer experiences. Walmart’s responsible AI approach and Canada Goose’s experiential retail strategies stood out as examples of adapting to changing consumer demands while maintaining authenticity. 

Moreover, insights on retail innovation in China provided valuable lessons for global retailers seeking to expand into new markets. Deborah Weinswig’s presentation outlined winning strategies for navigating China’s dynamic retail landscape, emphasizing localization, brand storytelling, and immersive experiences. 

Shoptalk 2024 served as a platform for retailers to explore innovative solutions, collaborate on industry challenges, and chart a course towards sustainable growth in an era defined by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. By embracing AI, composable technologies, unified experiences, and fostering industry partnerships, retailers can navigate the evolving retail landscape with confidence and resilience. 

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