Recap: Kibo Partner Summit 2023

Recap: Kibo Partner Summit 2023

Kibo Partner Summit 2023 photo collage of events and attendees

We’re fortunate to work with some of the most innovative technology providers and expert solution integrators in the commerce industry. And we recently had the chance to bring them all together for our annual Partner Summit in Dallas, TX! 

The Summit focused on insightful discussions, product insights, and a deep dive into composable commerce. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights and takeaways from this event. 

Keynote: Insights from CEO Ram Venkataraman 

The day started with an inspiring keynote by Kibo’s CEO, Ram Venkataraman. His address set the tone for the summit, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape. 

Panel Discussion on Market Trends 

Following the keynote, attendees were provided with an engaging panel discussion featuring commerce experts from AAXIS, Sapient, Cognizant, and Trika Technologies. Moderated by David Ricketts, VP of Sales at Kibo, this panel delved into the evolving market trends around composability, as well as valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Kibo Partner Summit Panel

Unlocking the Opportunity with Kibo 

One of the key highlights of the Summit was the session led by David, Alexis Hail, Sr. Director of Partnerships & Alliances at Kibo, and Nupur Marwaha, Director of Sales Engineering at Kibo, focusing on Kibo’s partnership opportunity. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of why partnering with Kibo is a strategic move and how their competitive edge can be leveraged for mutual success. 

Reinventing the Partner Program  

Alexis, Prachi Agarwal, Director of Partnerships & Alliances at Kibo, and Haley Bahm, Partner Marketing Manager at Kibo, took the stage to discuss Kibo’s commitment to its partners. They unveiled plans for reinventing the partner program with new business development strategies. This includes the introduction of various self-service and live partner enablement resources, Kibo Academy, and the new partner portal launched earlier this year. Attendees also learned about exciting partner co-marketing opportunities that will strengthen their collaborative efforts.

Kibo Partner Summit Audience

Customer Success Stories 

Josh Randall, SVP of Client Success at Kibo, took the spotlight to share inspiring customer success stories from the past year. These real-world examples showcased the tangible impact Kibo has had on businesses, underscoring the value of Kibo’s solutions. 

Product Roadmap and Themes 

Sachin Sharma, Chief Product Officer at Kibo, presented Kibo’s eagerly awaited 2023 product updates and 2024 product roadmap themes. This session provided a sneak peek into the innovative solutions and features that partners and clients can expect in the coming months.

Implementation Best Practices and Enablement Models 

Sachin and Megan Vampola, Sr. Director of Professional Services at Kibo, addressed the partners’ questions regarding implementation best practices and enablement models. This interactive session facilitated a deeper understanding of how Kibo supports its partners in delivering exceptional commerce solutions.

Sachin Sharma and Megan Vampola at Kibo Partner Summit

Breakout Sessions and Product Demos 

The day concluded with breakout sessions, where attendees had the opportunity to experience live product demos and deep dive into Kibo’s ICP. These sessions allowed for a hands-on exploration of Kibo’s solutions, giving partners valuable insights into the capabilities and benefits they can offer their clients. 

The Kibo Partner Summit 2023 was an event filled with knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and the promise of exciting opportunities ahead. It reinforced Kibo’s commitment to its partners and the vision of co-creating success for our shared customers.

If you’d like access to the Summit session recordings, the partner portal, or enablement materials, please email the Kibo Partner team at

Attendees of the Kibo Partner Summit