Meet Demand Using Kibo's Wholesale Order Management System

Wholesale Order Management

Meet Demand Using Kibo’s Wholesale Order Management System

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Wholesale Order Management Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Without the right wholesale order management system, you can lose speed on connecting with the right customers, increasing sales, and effectively managing a growing inventory.

With Kibo’s wholesale order management system there’s no need to compromise on performance. You’ll have the best tools to customize your backend to meet the demands of your customers on the frontend.

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Remove Wholesale Order Management System Challenges

Whether you’re struggling with a bad user experience, managing databases and standards, or the many challenges that come with a large inventory, Kibo has the solution.

Through our wholesale order management system, you’ll be equipped with a unified view of all real-time data across locations, Our platform is microservices-based, cloud-native, composable, and highly extensible. It comes equipped with an order routing UI, fulfiller UI, and call center UI, leaving users with everything they need to make their business thrive.

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Effective Wholesale Order Management

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How The Right Wholesale Order Management System Can Transform Your Business

From customer support to managing and tracking bulk orders to real-time inventory visibility — without the right wholesale order management system, you’ll stay on the hamster wheel when you could be building sustainable growth.

You can get off that wheel by asking yourself these three important questions:

  • How well is your current OMS performing?
  • If it’s not doing well, do you know what you need in a wholesale order management system?
  • What are your customers saying about their post-purchase experience?

How Well Is Your Current Wholesale Order Management System Performing?

When you’re managing large orders, a wide range of products, and the process of fulfilling them, all while establishing trust with customers, your wholesale order management system needs to meet expectations. Accessing where you’re falling short helps you identify missed opportunities to improve sales and build loyalty with customers.

Do You Know What Wholesale Order Management Solutions You Need?

The right wholesale order management solution gives you the functionality and foresight you need to manage your day to day while also preparing for the future. When looking for the best wholesale order management solution you should assess if it’s excelling at:

  • Providing network-wide inventory visibility
  • Eliminating data silos
  • Identifying slow moving inventory
  • Optimizing stock levels
  • Responding to spikes in demand

With these end-to-end solutions you’re well on your way to consistent growth.

What Are Your Customers Saying About Their Experience?

Reviews, sales calls, customer service calls — anytime you get the chance to stop and listen to what your customers have to say is an opportunity for exceptional growth. Are they inquiring about the quality of the products they’ve received? Are they frustrated with how hard it is to order on your site? What is the bounce rate on target pages?

Answering these questions can open up a gold mine of ways you can better serve your customers and watch the increased sales and referrals for your products roll in.

The growth in the wholesale industry is moving fast, and the only way to not get left behind is to have wholesale order management solution that can keep up with industry demand.

Ready to find the perfect fit for you? Talk to one of Kibo’s wholesale order management experts. Our team has extensive experience guiding wholesale experts towards a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your platform and transform how you sell products online.

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