Our technology combines AI-driven personalization, headless eCommerce, enterprise-grade order management, and customer data-enhanced point of sale to offer a modern, omnichannel end-to-end commerce solution.



Innovate Faster With Cloud CommerceBuilt As An API-First Platform

Meet Growth Goals and Customer Expectations

The Kibo Unified Commerce Platform is built using an API-first approach, allowing seamless integration with critical retail systems such as CRM, CMS, ERP, and warehouse management system (WMS).

The true power of our platform is the agility it provides retailers who can quickly discover new areas of opportunity, resulting in global growth.


Evolve At Your Own PaceRemain Adaptable With Microservices

Roll Out Capabilities In Modular Fashion

With Kibo’s microservices-based architecture, you can start with the products, services, and capabilities you need today, knowing that with us, you’ll easily be able to evolve your capabilities tomorrow.



CLOUD-NATIVE Multi-Tenant SaaS

Modern cloud platforms are multi-tenant and version-less in nature. What this means is when Kibo deploys upgrades to the commerce platform, all clients get those capabilities instantly. Multi-tenancy also ensures that our clients are running on exactly the same version, gaining any innovations and improvements Kibo delivers.


Adapt To Shifting Demand
Headless Commerce

Kibo’s Unified Commerce Platform is built API-first and on a microservices model that supports headless commerce strategies while also giving your digital commerce teams a best-in-class front-end.

Control And Extensibility At Your Fingertips

The Kibo platform boasts a collection of diverse applications that leverage the Kibo microservice API to augment or enhance the power of the Kibo platform.

API Extensions as a Service helps you customize API operations with Kibo’s fully managed, hosted, and scalable node.js framework. Make deep changes to the platform by manipulating API operations through the HTTP request-response protocol as well as interacting directly with underlying Kibo microservices.


Patented ML Technology

Kibo’s machine learning algorithms and tools are built on the technology from the leader in AI-driven personalization, Monetate. We own multiple patents for predicting human behavior based on data, including:

Universal system and method for representing and predicting human behavior (Patent Number US 8,566,256)

System and method for quantifying and detecting non-normative behavior (Patent Number US 8,788,445)

Extracting predictive segments from sampled data (Patent Number US 9,147,159)