Kibo Sees Continued Momentum and Ranks #1 for Core Commerce in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report

Kibo Sees Continued Momentum and Ranks #1 for Core Commerce in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report

Kibo Sees Continued Momentum and Ranks #1 for Core Commerce in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce Report

Kibo Commerce has been ranked #1 in Core Commerce in the Gartner Critical Capabilities for Digital Commerce 2021 report. Core commerce is defined as “quality, sophistication and ease of use of the core commerce functions of the product: catalog, search, basket, promotions, payment, customer account.”

Core Commerce Comes Together with Kibo 

Product and catalog management helps retailers organize and merchandise products. Catalogs are used to manage products and allow for maximum control and flexibility. The file manager and quick edit features enable retailers to save time by quickly locating and organizing product image files, and making bulk edits of product attributes, all within the same application.

Personalization and search capabilities, such as product recommendations and boost/bury search results, give retailers the ability to drive additional revenue while improving the overall shopper experience. Additionally, our e-commerce search gives retailers greater control to align goals based on customer search.

A strong pricing and promotions engine helps retailers to fine-tune marketing efforts and offer discounts tailored to specific customer segments. The right pricing engine should be easy to manage but still be able to handle complex pricing rules without IT involvement, and provide transparency for shoppers.

When all the elements of core commerce come together, retailers can showcase their products and provide a great shopping experience.

Additionally, Kibo also rated highly in composable commerce. Our microservices-based architecture makes it easy for retailers and brands to get started quickly, then add more capabilities when the need arises.

Customers Choose Kibo for Flexible Transformation  

Coastal Construction, one of the largest independent distributors of caulking and sealants, waterproofing, concrete repair, and fire protection products in the United States, recently partnered with Kibo to jumpstart its e-commerce growth.

With Kibo, their business customers get personalized product information, rich associated content, real-time inventory updates, customer and job-specific pricing, and the ability to order quickly and in a streamlined manner – all leading to a superior experience.

Florida-based City Furniture also chose Kibo for its flexible e-commerce technology. Kibo’s platform allows the company to develop and support highly customized customer journeys.

With strong ratings for core commerce and unified commerce, Kibo customers benefit from increased customization, flexibility and speed to market. Bringing these elements of core commerce together can help retailers and their products stand apart from the competition and provide the optimal customer experience.

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