Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Distributed Order Management Capabilities for Shopify

Deliver Better Customer Experiences with Distributed Order Management Capabilities for Shopify

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Shopify is a go-to solution for start-ups and small businesses entering the digital commerce market. But as their businesses grow and processes become more complex, many users find their needs extend beyond the platform’s capabilities.

A recent study found that 73% of consumers are omnichannel shoppers. But companies often lack the flexibility and agility to quickly pivot and meet consumer demands. From inventory management to order routing to fulfillment, several back-office features are needed to power seamless and transparent omnichannel experiences.

In this article, we’ll dive into how a distributed order management can help Shopify users streamline operations and deliver better customer experiences.

Shopify Order Management Limitations

Shopify’s ecommerce platform caters to many businesses, but like any software solution, it does have limitations, particularly when it comes to inventory and order management.

  1. Limited functionality for complex inventory management: Shopify’s native inventory management features lack advanced functionalities required by larger enterprises or those with complex inventory structures, such as multi-location inventory management, serialized inventory tracking, or lot tracking.
  2. Scalability challenges: Shopify may face scalability challenges for businesses experiencing rapid growth or dealing with high order volumes. Large operations may find that Shopify’s infrastructure doesn’t fully meet their needs without additional customization or integration with enterprise-level systems.
  3. Limited customization options: Some businesses with highly specific inventory and order management requirements may find that they need more flexibility than Shopify can provide out of the box. Custom development work may be required to meet these needs, which can be costly and time-consuming.
  4. Limited reporting and analytics: While Shopify provides basic reporting and analytics tools, they may not be sufficient for businesses that require in-depth insights into their inventory and order management processes.

7 Signs You Need a Distributed Order Management System

As businesses grow and evolve, they often encounter complexities in order processing and fulfillment that surpass the capabilities of Shopify alone. This is where a Distributed Order Management System (DOMS) like Kibo comes into play, empowering businesses to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Let’s delve into the key signs that indicate the need for a distributed OMS and why Shopify users are increasingly leveraging such systems.

For businesses with complex order processing… While Shopify offers basic order processing functionalities, Kibo can handle multi-channel orders, split orders, backorders, and complex fulfillment requirements more efficiently.

For businesses with multiple warehouses, store locations, etc… Kibo offers sophisticated inventory capabilities, including inventory data unification, real-time inventory visibility, instant re-allocation, and customer-facing features like future available to promise or reserve in cart.

For businesses that want to reduce fulfillment costs while delivering better post-purchase experiences… Kibo’s order routing function enables users to own complex orchestration in an easy-to-use interface with customization that doesn’t rely on developers.

For growing and expanding businesses… As your business grows, your order management needs become more complex. Kibo’s scalable OMS can handle higher order volumes, multiple sales channels, and international expansion.

For businesses what want more insight into customers and sales… Kibo offers detailed insights into order patterns, customer behavior, and sales performance, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

For businesses with requirements that go beyond out-of-the-box functionality… Kibo offers greater flexibility in tailoring order management processes to specific business needs. It can integrate seamlessly with other systems such as ERP software, CRM systems, and shipping carriers.

For businesses that want to implement or scale omnichannel operations… Kibo OMS provides flexible solutions for brands and retailers, optimizing omnichannel fulfillment with features like BOPIS, Ship-to-Home, and customizable models. Automated logic and intuitive workflows streamline processes, ensuring efficiency in fulfillment and returns.

Why Shopify Users Choose the Kibo Order Management App

In today’s fast-paced eCommerce environment, efficiency is key to staying competitive. That’s where the Kibo Order Management Shopify app comes in, offering a seamless solution to automate order routing, fulfillment, and servicing, all within your Shopify ecosystem.

  • Seamless Order Orchestration: Kibo automates order flow from Shopify, providing centralized order processing. It offers real-time inventory visibility across all locations, empowering informed decisions and enabling new fulfillment programs like dropship and BOPIS.
  • Intelligent Order Sourcing and Routing: Kibo’s intelligent order routing balances customer demands and operational efficiency, ensuring orders meet SLAs while controlling costs. Adapt to changing preferences with omnichannel fulfillment and flexible shipping strategies.
  • Real-time Inventory Management: Monitor, segment, and allocate inventory in real-time across your network of locations. Prevent stockouts, fulfill orders faster, and maximize inventory utilization for a seamless customer experience.
  • Automated Transactions for Customer Convenience: Automate order capture and refunds, streamlining processes for a hassle-free customer experience. Free up resources for strategic initiatives while enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Empower Customer Service Representatives (CSRs): Give CSRs access to comprehensive customer order and return data, enabling personalized support and efficient issue resolution. Elevate the customer experience and foster long-term loyalty with empowered customer service.

Delighting your customer doesn’t have to stop at checkout – learn more about the Kibo Order Management Shopify app.

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