Elevate your Headless CMS with Builder.io and Kibo

Kibo x Builder.io

Elevate your Headless CMS with Builder.io and Kibo

Kibo and Builder.io have partnered to deliver optimized digital commerce experiences. This partnership combines the world’s most intuitive tools for building and driving exceptional commerce experiences beyond what traditional headless integrations can offer. 

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A Composable Commerce Solution that Works for Everyone.

Give your marketers agility and freedom by connecting your product catalog on Kibo’s eCommerce platform with Builder.io’s visual headless CMS for streamlined and automated content management. A headless, API-driven approach allows for deep extensibility and customization so you can adapt each platform to meet your needs. 

The Benefits of Headless, Without the Tradeoffs

Get shorter development & iteration cycles, improved performance, and optimized customer experiences while giving developers and business teams seamless workflows.

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Achieve Faster Time to Value with Kibo and Builder.io

See how you can build, optimize, and scale digital commerce experiences faster with the most intuitive workflows for cross-functional eCommerce teams with Kibo and Builder.io today.

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